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Compute Shaders in Quest 1.

Dear Oculus forum,I am trying to run a Compute shader (a simulation that I have) in Oculus Quest 1.It works fine in Unity Editor and also in Oculus Link mode via editor. But when I build to the device it is all black.I have tried variety of Unity ver...

Quest 2 not shown in Windows Explorer; ADB works fine

I am trying to connect the Quest 2 to a laptop over USB to copy files, but it does not show up in Windows Explorer.I started with the provided cable in a USB-C port, but then the device was also not recoginised by ADB. When using a regular USB port o...

jboss by Level 3
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Resolved! Problems with setting read permissions on Quest 2

I have an app developed in Unity3D that loads a 360 video from the "sdcard/Movies" folder. It is running fine on my Quest 1 but I can't get the permissions set correctly on my Quest 2.If I use "adb shell dumpsys package " to check for the permissions...

Use Oculus Quest 2 on 2 PCs

Hello. I have my Oculus Quest 2 linked to a PC in my family room. There I use Virtual Desktop to play purchased games wirelessly. I would like to also link my Quest 2 to my other PC that has Unreal Engine on it. Can I link the Quest 2 to both compute...

Can't see USB devices on Quest 2

I'm trying to communicate with a Wireless Dongle plugged in to the USB C port on the Quest 2. I have no problem doing so on the Quest 1. The Quest 2 does not seem to recognize the device at all. It does not show up using lsusb from adb. There is no b...

How to use graphics raycaster with physics raycaster?

I'd like to be able to interact with UI elements and 3D objects together in the same scene. I have the OVRRaycaster on my canvas, and OVRPhysicsRaycaster on the OVRCameraRig. Both work correctly by themselves, but the Physics Raycaster will still hit...

Weitin by Level 4
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did Oculus Developer Hub just brick my Quest 2?

I've been using and developing on my Quest 2 since I received it in October. Never had a problem. Today I decided to try Oculus Developer Hub, mainly to ease installation of OVR Metrics (which, note, I have not actually done yet).But as soon as I plu...

Is any way to make a Vulkan GPU capture on Quest ?

Hi,I had a look at the various documentations/tools available in the SDK.But it does not appear there's anything that could allow a "GPU capture" where you can see the state of the calls/graphic buffers/etc. in Vulkan.I also tried to run the Qualcomm...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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[Oculus Quest] Kiosk Mode

Hello everyone,I developed an application using Unity and now I want to run this application on Oculus Quest in Kiosk Mode. As the device is quite new, I didn't find any threads for this problem. However, I saw these discussions which provide the sol...

Quest View Matrix

Been working with the PC SDK for some time and now experimenting with some native development for Quest in Android Studio using the Mobile SDK and vrApi. One thing that seems to have me baffled is that vrapi_GetPredictedTracking2 always seems to use ...

First time login with Test User

I am considering buying several Quest2 headsets, which will be shared by multiple students to develop and test apps. Is this possible to do with only Test User accounts? Can a brand new headset be setup with a Test User for developer purposes, withou...

Developing usb perifferals for oculus quest

Hi there!Does anyone know if usb perifferal development is possible with the oculus quest? (Usb devices which can interact with the quest in applications) I know it's based on android and usb OTG showed the working of usb audio and storage.I'm super ...

Linking To An App's Store Page Review Tab

Hi all. So recently the oculus store app page has been re-designed. It used to be an all-in-one type page. If you'd like to send the user to your review page you simply sent the user to your app page since everything was there, including the review. ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Quest Multi-User in Unity

Hello everyone,I am currently researching about possibilities to make multi-user experiences for the Oculus Quest. I am especially interested in multiple users sharing the same playspace. Is it supported somehow? Are there any Unity Assets that could...

mofvr by Level 2
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App scene no longer loading

I’m having trouble understanding what might be causing myQuest app to fail. I have been adding things to one scene and building and testing and it isnow at a point where it doesn’t load.If I put it into SideQuest and run it the screen goes black.I do...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Changing animation not working on Oculus Quest

In unity everything works fine. My character walks up to a point and then I use animationComponent.Play to change the animation but when I build and run on the Oculus Quest, the character just keeps on walking. It doesn't change the animation like it...

How to detect that the TrackingOrigin has changed

My application needs to detect that the tracking origin is changed,i.e. when the relative location of the TrackingSpace origin in relation to the physical play space, is changed.AFAIK, this can happen in the following cases:A) Reset view from univers...

Uploading APK file to release channel

Hi all,Can anybody help me with this issue? When I try to upload a Quest 2 build for internal review I get the attached error. I created a store-compatible manifest. I can only assume it's because the app is not signed properly? It has the default de...

pscgi by Level 2
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Lag / glitch / fps(?) problem

Hello,I am fairly new to Unity3d and Oculus but I have managed to build and run my project on my Oculus Quest. The problem is that there is an extreme lag/glitch. When I move my head the environment can't keep up. When I hold perfectly still it seems...

Oculus Browser random crash in a certain WebXR page

I'm developing for WebXR and Hand Tracking of Oculus Browser. Oculus Browser and device firmware are up to date.Usually, when a javascript exception occurs, some message is put to the web console, and the page is halted.But most of the time, browser ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Implementing Keys-Only - HAVING AN ISSUE

Hi all, I've got a pretty good grasp of the Keys-Only process, but something is going wrong and I would love some advice. Oculus Support hasn't been any help so I hope the community can come through!My app is approved for Keys-OnlyI have a new Oculus...

fgmnt by Level 2
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