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Trying to upload app but getting error

* Your copy of Oculus Platform Command Line Utility is old. ** Version has been released on Fri Oct 08 2021. ** Please use the following command to update it: ** > \AppData\Roaming\odh\ovr-platform-util.exe self-update * [1mValidating b...

App review taking too long

Hi,I had submitted my App for review in October first week. It shows still under review. I had submitted another app a few months before and the review process happened within 3-4 weeks. But now it seems to be taking forever. Is everyone having the s...

OdontMast by Honored Guest
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The 2014 Madden NFL 23 Draft is just three

They were able to put out in the Wild Card round. Miami Dolphins in the Wild Card round Mut 23 coins, and despite failing to score a scoring touchdown in the game against the Kansas City Chiefs, the defense stepped up big in an 18-16 win during the d...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Open Store Page from Unity app

I've trying to add a deep link to the store page to another app (from a demo version of the game to the main version store page). I have something working but it seems to only work every second time and I'm totally lost to why. This is the code I'm u...

AlanYeats by Honored Guest
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Linking To An App's Store Page Review Tab

Hi all. So recently the oculus store app page has been re-designed. It used to be an all-in-one type page. If you'd like to send the user to your review page you simply sent the user to your app page since everything was there, including the review. ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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TTS for GPT-3 api model

Hello Everyone,so i have integrated the TTS package and I connected it with GPT-3 API and it works fine with small text up to 4 sentences but if the response had a big text it would give me a status code 400 with message load failed and Web stream er...

Quest 2 User Image

Hi, I’m trying to import my Quest 2 User Image to Unreal which I want to apply to a custom mesh but with no luck so far… I’m using SharedSpaces with the UE4.27 Oculus fork.This is what I have so far I would be thankfull for any advice

deedox by Honored Guest
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Today I suddenly cannot play Beat Saber without logging into a Meta account and registering my device. I do not want to play games with my real name. I do not want all my social media accounts tied together. Everyone I know doesn't need to see every ...

trinzia by Honored Guest
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My website does not load

Hello, a few hours ago I received my quest 2, and I'm very happy, but it asks me to log in to the Oculus app, but when I log in, the site is on a white screen and I can't proceed with the account setup, if I don't log in on the website I can't comple... IMG-20230301-WA0012.jpg

Tracked keyboard

I wonder if there is a tracked keyboard with nordic layout for Quest 2? Preferebly an all in one. It is hopeless to work when you cannot se what you are doing on the keyboard... I work in Virtual Desktop.

Hes.2023 by Honored Guest
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Cloud Backup questions

I have a couple questions regarding Cloud Backup during development.1) What are the details for cloud backups and different release channels? Are they separate per channel?2) I've noticed game data persisting after uninstall before reboot. Is this da...

APK No Longer Loading onto Headset

I've been able to package my game many times and drag and drop the .apk into the MQDH and it was working just fine. But today it suddenly stopped working. It shows the .apk loading then says the APK Successfully Installed, but the application isn't t...

Quest 2 not shown in Windows Explorer; ADB works fine

I am trying to connect the Quest 2 to a laptop over USB to copy files, but it does not show up in Windows Explorer.I started with the provided cable in a USB-C port, but then the device was also not recoginised by ADB. When using a regular USB port o...

jboss by Protege
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Developer mode authentication

I’ve been trying for over an hour to verify my developer account, but it’s not working. I’ve entered my phone number multiple times and never got a single code sent to me. Now it says I’ve requested too many codes even though I didn’t get any. also I...

Is there a Meta/Quest UI Kit?

Is there a UI kit available for the Quest system UI? This would be great for prototyping/designing UI to be more consistent with the system UI. Is there anything like this available to developers? I haven't found anything in the dev resources section...

tydosh by Explorer
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Quest Pro Controller Art (sketchy looking model?)

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I just downloaded the official controller models and the Pro controller is looking kinda wack. import, basic material using supplied maps. Th...

Screenshot 2023-02-16 14.06.23.png
kavanavak by Expert Protege
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Shared Spaces Destinations not working

Hello, I am testing a copy of Shared Spaces. However, players do not receive my invites when I send them and cannot join rooms. Is this because my destinations are pending review? If so, how do I get them reviewed?

How Fast does the AR Scene View Update'm reading these docs. I imagine the normal usecase is to scan a static unmoving room to build a scene model to find and interact with unmoving scene entities. If my table is a ...

Resolved! Unable to save spatial anchors to cloud

Trying to share spatial anchors to other local players.The anchor is created without problem and getting a Uuid. Can save the anchor locally without problem.But changing to StorageLocation.Cloud results in error.saveOptions.Storage = OVRSpace.Storage...

Public opt-in in release channels not working

I enabled "Enable public opt-in" for my ALPHA and BETA release channels, yet I can't find a way that users can opt-in themselves to the app through the Oculus software or website. With a test account, I've tried searching for the app by full name in ...