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Quest 3 color profile

Hi thereI was looking into what is the default color profile on Quest 3 and couldn't find a certain answer to that.Is it Rift CV1 or rec.709 or rec.2020? all i found from meta actual documents was this color management guide but looks like its outdat...

cntntn by Honored Guest
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Spatial Anchor Sharing using router without internet

Hello,I am currently working on a MR app using Unreal Engine 5.3.2 and we have successfully implemented spatial anchor sharing within our app for local multiplayer on an internet connection. However, for security reasons, we need our app to work with...

jatalCXR by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Can't turn on debug mode

I made added my organization and verified my account but im still unable to turn on debug mode. I've also tried connecting to the developer hub wired and wireless, I am unable to connect through it. The phone app connects fine to the headset and ever...

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-28 at 01.17.55_5429663e.jpg

Dowloading localization at runtime

Hello Is it allowed to download a csv file containing the localization for the game in runtime?This would allow me to update and expand the languages without uploading a new build and I couldn't find any guidelines against it so far but, as it could...

DavidPgl by Honored Guest
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Resolved! MR-to-VR transition

Hi there, I have a simple question for anyone who can answer it. Are there examples of apps that are live right now that transition from Mixed Reality to Virtual Reality? Is this something that is permitted within the bounds of the current Unity All-...

Setting up Multimodal hands & controllers

Hi,I am trying to run Multimodal feature outlined in Meta recent blog posts ( device is Quest Pro with OS version and Quest Pro controllers. I am working i...


Meta Quest OS firmware downloads for offline install

Hi,I think it would be great for Meta to publish each Meta Quest build on the web.It would be easier to download and update the Meta Quest device when ever ready and not wait for rollout that could take days or weeks.Seeing the new features and not b...

Selling Physical Goods in VR In-app

I plan to develop a shopping mall app, distribute it for free on the Meta Store, and allow users to freely observe clothes on mannequins in a virtual space, similar to a real shopping mall app, and order them. I have the following questions:1. Does a...

Eye tracking information

Hello,How can I access the information obtained through eye tracking in the Quest Pro?What information does it include? (Including eye position, pupil size, pupil center position, eye openness, gaze position)?What is the frequency of the measurements...

Can't test IAP: "something went wrong"

Hello,I completed following steps to integrate IAP into the app:- Data Use Checkup is completed and approved;- IAP are enabled on dashboard;- Addons are created, all of them have SKU, name, price, description and published status;- On the app's side,...

aesee.npc by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Pulling the sword from the stone!

Question for everyone. I am attempting to use The Meta XR Interaction SDK (v64.0 on Unity 2022.3) to pull a sword from a stone. The sword uses Meta's 'One Grab Free Transformer' with constraints on the X,Z to prevent the sword from wobbling. At a cer...

Avotas by Explorer
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Cannot get a list of user's friends in a build

Users. is not firing the callback in a build. When we run the game in the Unity Editor, everything works as expected. The editor uses the AppId of the Rift version of the app while the build is running on the headset directly and using the AppID of t...

Understanding GestureExamples

Hi, I was going through the GestureExamples scene in unity meta XR interaction SDK samples and I can't understand where the SwipeGestureLeft/Right are being used to change the stone colour and the image.I can see that there is a change color script o...

Background app?

Is it possible to run an app in background while playing another app in the foreground? This is currently possible on Android so wondering if Quest would allow it.

pieduke8 by Honored Guest
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Meta quest browser STT and TTS support.

The meta quest browser is currently on a lower version of chromium and the features like TTS and STT are not working on it.Does anyone know when the next update to the browser would come or at least how I can get the STT and TTS working on the quest ...

The system incorrectly closes background programs, video, and sound.

I will use it for work 我會用它來工作I need to switch between multiple apps frequently 我需要經常在多個應用程式之間切換Need to hear all software sounds at the same time 需要同時聽到所有軟體的聲音The new version of the system will automatically turn off background program sounds 新版本系統會自...

SPCA.1 by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 controller vibration and Meta Haptics Studio

Hi guys, I am currently using Quest 2 and Meta Haptics Studio to design haptic feedback with controllers. In Meta Haptics Studio, vibration amplitude and frequency range from 0 to 1 without showing information about how strong they are in specific un...

aqps_20 by Honored Guest
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