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Animating legs with Meta avatars

Hi!We are using the Meta avatars for some projects and now we are researching how to activate the legs on the avatars. On both local and remote we can render fullbody avatars (with legs) perfectly nice but I can't figure out how to animate the legs. ...


Stuck in App Store Review for 7+ months

Hello, I'm developing a game for the Quest 2 as part of a small indie studio. We submitted our game to be reviewed for the oculus app store, and it's been stuck in review for over 7 months. I understand the average is 3 months, so what's going on? We...

How to contact meta support as a developer?

I'm part of a small indie studio and we submitted a game to be reviewed for app lab 7 months ago. Nothing has happened and the game is stuck in review. We've had no communication from Meta, and we fear that something has gone wrong during the review ...

Looking for 3d CAD files of Meta Quest 3 Controller.

Hi everyone,I'm Felix from Haply Robotics. We specialize in creating haptic force feedback technology that brings a tangible sense of touch to VR experiences. Our work is all about pushing the boundaries of what's possible in virtual reality, and you...

HaplyFD by Honored Guest
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How to get Real-time Depth data by Quest 3?

I'm wondering if the current Quest 3 offers any APIs that allow real-time retrieval of depth data.I'm interested in whether it can capture 3D data of scanned objects after a full rotation, or any other applications.Uncertain about its accuracy or whe...

ShiaoC by Honored Guest
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Allowed content on Quest 3 store

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but I am interested in developing a game where NFTs are used. I would not be selling NFTs in-game, it would be transferred into the game via other means. I couldn't find any documents on what was allowed/not...

Scale seems off on Quest 3

Hi guys,Grabbed a Quest 3, downloaded my game from app lab and the scale of everything seems about 20% bigger. Most noticeable on the hands for obvious reasons but it seems to be the entire game.Its lik the overall world scale is now wrong.Has anybod...

DPGames by Explorer
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How do you use Unreal Engine Dynamic Shadows?

So I've been struggling to get some dynamic shadows running on my Unreal 5.2.1 project,and I really want to use at least a few of them in my horror game, especially since the Quest 3'sGPU is approaching usable territory in that regard. Unreal's docum...

Combine real objects with real objects

Hi all,I am developing an Unity App. In my project, I want to use the AR camera to track real objects in a virtual environment. Considering that meta does not allow access to the oculus camera, I decided to use an external camera as a cameraAR for Vu...

MaraJets by Honored Guest
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OSC/WebSocket/MQTT to Quest

Hi there, I'm trying for a few days to have something working on UE4.27 and I'm hitting a wall. I've made a blueprint where i'm able to receive OSC input data from a remote laptop to a UE4.27 app that then triggers an event (for now print something o...

valfg by Explorer
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Disable guardian in passthrough mode

We have an app that has passthrough enabled at all times so you can walk around your location and add virtual items to the real world. However, the player is required to travel across far distances in real life while using the app.Is there a way for ...

Disable proximity sensor (re-center) on app only

Hello, I am currently working on a unity project with Quest 3 where I instantiate some cubes using raycast (still in the demo), but when i take off the headset and move, or rotate my head and wear it again, the cubes position drift or move to right w...

creating custom home environments

Hi there,i wanted to create my own cutom home environment and try to figure out how to do it properly.I found a tool on Github where you can turn a gltf scene into an apk. but i would like to use Uneal or Unity to have more controll over the outcome....

Skib1 by Explorer
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Motion in Unity does not match actual motion

After updating to the most recent imports, i.e. using the latest UPM off Unity Store, Unity Version 2021.3.33f1, I am encountering a strange bug. With a very basic scene (an OVRCameraRig and a plane at 0,0,0), we find that the ground in VR does not m...

himeko_tsuruta_1-1705438834782.png himeko_tsuruta_2-1705438845854.png

Can't apply LocomotionExample scene to my project

Hello all. I am quite new to developing for VR, and have been attempting to work through the tutorials Meta gives for Quest 2 development using Unity. I did the Playground Tutorials (


Removing Users from Release Channel

My org is hoping to do a user test with a demo for our game. For the test, we'd want to add users to a release channel, then after the demo period, remove the game from their device. However, it seems that removing a user from the test channel just m...

Testing and Performance Analysis Quest 3 page is outdated now and needs to include the Quest 3 with its poly and drawcall specs.As a dev and an artist, i would love to know what my new limitations are compared to the Quest 2.P...

Fressno by Honored Guest
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scene capture spam an error in the log

Hello,I'm currently working with the scene capture feature ( and i've been able to set it up correctlybut I have a problem with a log which is insanely repeated : Warn OpenXR_Anch...

CorangeD by Honored Guest
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In UnrealEngine,how to change the motion controller in hand tracking

有谁知道我如何使用 MotionController 根据我的指尖位置进行更改?我发现在这个例子中,当我捡起一个物体时,它会根据手腕而变化,而判断它是否可以被捡起的范围也是基于手腕的,我想把它调整成我的食指尖,这样我就可以最大限度地减少我的手腕不小心碰到其他物体, 现在,我很容易得到离我手腕更近的物体,而不是靠近我手指的物体,我想改变它。

1.png 2.png 3.png
dylis1216 by Honored Guest
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