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Quest 2 storage access issue

I have trouble accessing (writing to) the internal storage /sdcard/Pictures/This has never been an issue with Quest 1, but just emerged with Q2.After installing the APK and running it, Quest 2 asks me to allow permission to access storage, which I co...

feeLab by Level 2
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Android Studio 4.1 compatibility

Is the mobile SDK 1.37.0 compatible with Android Studio 4.1?If I try to open any of the samples in VrSamples with this version, I get Graddle sync failes: Task 'wrapper' not found in project x.Downgrading to Andrid Studio 3.6 everything works fine.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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No Oculus Quest 2 on target device

I can't choose the Oculus Quest 2 option, it doesn't appear, I can only select Oculus Quest and Oculus Go / Gear VR. That could be happening? Any idea how to fix it?Unreal Engine 4.25.4

Save game data where?

For Oculus Quest 2, I want to save game data, such as how far you have got on a level, high scores etc.Do you save these as a local file or using PlayerPrefs in Unity?What is the standard way to do this for Oculus Quest 2?

WebXR with a Quest connected to desktop using Link

Hi,I have an oculus quest connected to a laptop using oculus link. Oculus home (and other native VR experiences) are working well. However, when I enter a simple WebXR demo (can't post links since I am a new user, will be happy to provide a simple de...

RaananW by Level 2
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best tutorials for native development?

I started watching the unity tutorials and then decided to look into going native, and compared to the educational resources unity provides, oculus stuff feels very haphazard and not well maintained. Their setup guide is using android studio 2.x and ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Detect headset removed

Hi all,I'm a newbie developer and currently work for a museum.I want to control a 360 degree video without using the controllers.I am using the "isuserpresent" function to play / pause / stop the video. Everything works fine in the runtime (oculus Li...

Oculus Quest 2 design

I am a Computer Science major in my 3rd year and I am working on an assignment for a Computer Architecture course. Put simply, I am meant to discuss how a state-of-the-art product works with the Quest 2 as my specific product. While I am aware that t...

Connect Quest to Ad-Hoc Network from Mac/PC

Is there any way to connect the Quest to an Ad-Hoc network being broadcast by a Mac or PC?On my Mac, when I create an Ad-Hoc network by clicking "Create Network..." in the MacOS Wi-Fi menu, I am able to see this network on Quest 2, but for some reaso...

Quest/Quest2 with OpenCV?

I'm looking to build an application that maps your environment automatically using an external OAK-D camera attached to the headset.Has anyone managed to integrate something similar?Any help with integrating OpenCV with the Quest would be a huge help...

patmw by Level 3
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Rift to Quest

Hi!I have a question.. Today I have a Oculus rift, (the first gen) and I'm thinking about buying a Quest 2 instead.I have moved and cant play VR in my "office" so I have to move my pc to the livingroom just to play. So I think a Quest will be much be...

Welcel by Level 2
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Oculus Quest 1 Rendering Glitch In Left Eye

Hello, I am currently developing a Unity Game for Oculus Quest. Game has been in development for about a year now but I am experiencing a new issue. In the left eye, its seems like some materials just get shifted and skewed suddenly, flashing in and ...

other hardware with Quest

Hello,I came recently to cybershoes integration with Quest. They use some device connected to headset.I am not able to find any info how to perform such an integration. I'd appreciate if someone can advise.Thanks

Anonymous by Not applicable
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