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Review times

Does anyone one know what the official review time for Oculus Quest games is? Or does anyone know how long it is currently takking to complete the VRC and Content review?

Oculus USB connection to pc

Hi guys!Im having problems with an Oculus quest 2. I've set it to developer mode successfully, downloaded Adb drivers, connected it to windows and it worked two times. It was detected by ADB. After disconnecting and trying again, windows doesn't dete...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Can't connect to RenderDoc

I've just started using RenderDoc, and whenever I go into the context, my headset doesn't show up. All that pops up is local. I've tried with both wired and AirLink and neither worked. Is there a solution to this?

EPOculus by Honored Guest
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Euler Angles from HeadPose.ThePose.Orientation

How do I get euler angles of the oculus quest 2 headset? I tried using over_GetTrackingState, but I got invalid Y-axis rotation. X and Z angles work correctly, both in this printf test, and in the game I am integrating this into. The Y-axis is only a...

Meta Avatar Not Rendering in Quest (SOLVED)

If you are not seeing your Meta Avatar(s) render on your Quest build this may be a solution. Make sure all your Texture Quality settings are set to Full Res not half as mine was for Quest 1. I came across this solution after seeing this in Logcat: Gr...


Problem with Meta Avatar2 load

I'm trying to load the avatar using the user id provide by oculus account but I'm having a problem because the log gives me 'failed' I set the app id information on the dashboard and unity these are the log states IEnumerator TryToLoadUser() { OvrAva...


Casting from a separate camera?

So first off, yeah yeah - I know I'm crazy for wanting to render yet another viewpoint on a mobile device, BUT:I would like to cast from a camera that isn't the user's viewpoint. I'm also using Unity. Any ideas?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Web Tasks no longer close properly

We are launching a web task from our native VR app as described here: Until recently we were able to close the web task and activate our app via an intent by redirecting the browser to our cust...

GeeHerman by Honored Guest
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Spectator camera in unity

I've been trying to implement the spectator camera, but I am unable to run the example provided in the oculus integration plugin - the one mentioned here: I switch to th...

Too long review time

In the case of the app that I participated in the project as a consultant, it was returned after about four months of the process including Oculus' misunderstanding after submitting it to AppLab. Therefore, it was re-submitted with a much simpler fun... by Honored Guest
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spectator mode for quest 2 not working

The feature is supposed to provide a 3rd person camera that is controllable on the device that is being casted to butthe actual implementation does not correctly set the camera view in the app that is being casted to - instead of modifying the positi...

professional help

I’m trying to find someone from Meta, who can help me professionally. I am a Interior Designer and would really like to use the Oculus Quest 2 headset to show my clients 3D walkthroughs.I really want my client to have a great user experience and wond...

Jo_adams by Honored Guest
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how to open video file in oculus quest?

I'm trying to open a video file in Oculus quest 2 through a specific app , but it just open the application and no error appears in command line. the command is: adb shell am start -n -t video/mp4 -d ...

AR development assumption

Hi, guys I am quite a beginner at learning Quest development on Unity.I have tried to archive the passthrough function by Oculus Integration SDK package.But the question is that anyone who had tried combining the AR core or AR foundation or Vuforia, ...

Diabor by Honored Guest
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Text To Speech (TTS) Options on Quest 2?

I am working on the accessibility options in my application and trying to find any options for runtime text-to-speech available on the quest 2 itself. I've seen some comments about older versions of the original Quest coming with the SVOX pico tts en...

NickVee by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Text to speech ?

Hello.Is there any way to do text to speech in my Unity app for Quest 2 ?Couldn't find much on this topic.Thanks

Hyorange by Explorer
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