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My quest stopped working

my quest is being annoying, i start the quest and doesn't remember my guardian, then when i finish the screen goes black and gets me to redo it multiple times, i then open a software (echo vr) i press play then the screen goes black and i cant do any...

Oculus Quest entitlement check fail

Hello,I'm having issues with the entitlement check on the Oculus quest, it always fail.Yet it's working perfectly on Oculus Go and GearVR.I'm using the latest OVR SDK integration from Unity asset store; 1.37.Any idea what's happening here ?Regards,

dev-test by Level 2
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Take a screenshot

Hi,I develop for Oculus Quest on Unity 2019.3.8f1.I want to take a screenshot when my user push a button on the right controller.To do the "screenshot" part, I use the following line :ScreenCapture.CaptureScreenshot(Path.Combine(Application.persisten...

Oculus Quest & Link lagging like Crazy!

When I try to connect the Quest to my computer with Link cable, and open the "Link Room"/connect Link, it starts to lag like crazy!!I have not even pressed the Desktop button yet, which result in even worse lagging and ultimately hang.I want to conne...

budwiz by Level 2
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Gradle build faild and more

Hi,I hope this is the right place to get help. I'm new to Unity and developing and have a problem with my project for the Oculus Quest.In my project I have five similar scenes. Each scene contains a different 360° panoramic Video (I used this guide: ...

j_reid by Level 2
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Unreal Quest Builds Crashing After v18 Update?

Hello. So I am tackling a mystery; has anyone run into issues with Unreal builds no longer running on Quest after the latest OS update? Prior to the v18.0 Quest OS update, my projects were running fine on Quest. After the update, any new build I crea...

Bluetooth Fix, need help.

So basically what happened was, I hopped on to my oculus quest without link, or mods, because I don't even have any. Or even anything, just regular old Oculus Quest and regular beat saber, along with my bluetooth airpods. And the wierd thing was that...

Front Facing Cameras and Hand Tracking

HiI have a few questions about the FFC (Front facing cameras) and Hand Tracking. Our app is made for Oculus Quest and we are using Unity to develop our app. The question is can we access the FFC images to better the hand tracking or completely implem...

Distribute dev build to Quest and Go?

I've successfully published my app to the Go, and I can see the app in Developer Feed on the Quest - but how do I actually _play_ it simultaneously on the Quest and Go?Specifically - I'd imagine that maybe the reason it doesn't show on the Quest is d...

dakom by Level 3
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Getting Error "Unable to start Oculus XR Plugin"

Hi, all!I'm trying to create simple scene for my Oculus Quest (I use Oculus Link to test)I've installed required XR PackagesBut I get ErrorsMoreover I launched this project on 25 May and it wqorked fine, but now it seems something went wrong. Perhaps...

Detailed 3D controller model for Quest

Hello,i'm looking for the .fbx of the Quest/RiftS controller in a detailed version.I mean, on the oculus integration package, there is the .fbx but not in a detailed version where i can change the materials of the buttons...I saw you detailed it for ...

Using Oculus Quest controller for clicking on Buttons

Hi folks,I'm currently building a prototype for a project (using unity 2019.4.0f1). That means it doesn't have to be perfect and there are just a few functions involved.So far I created the environment and added a dialogue system, which pops up when ...

GekaW by Level 2
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Mind Mapping for Quest

Does anyone know of an app for mind mapping that I could use on the Oculus Quest? I had bought a quest thinking Noda could be used on it - but it can't. I did buy an Oculus link cable - only to find out my computer doesn't meet the requirements to us...

Oculus Quest Order

I ordered my Oculus Quest on June 13, and I still haven't even gotten acknowledgement of my order's existence. I was just wondering what was up.