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Oculus Link + Hand Tracking not working anymore

Hello. It seems that since the v16.0 the hand tracking is not working anymore in Unity3D while using Oculus Link.My hands does not show up anymore.Do I need to have the Oculus Desktop app at v16.0 too ? If yes, How to upgrade ?

Fangh by Level 3
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LaserPointer doesnt work after switching scenes.

Hello everyone,I am using Unity 2018.4.19f version with the 14v version of Oculus Integration, developing an app for the Oculus Quest.I have 2 scenes in my project, one for the menu and one for the game itself, when separated they work perfectly but ...

Smooth Portals rendering in Unity / Oculus Quest

Hello everyone, i'm working on a game that need the player to be able to go through different portals. I want the portals to render the otherside. I found the exact tutorial that i needed from Brackey's channel : Smooth PORTALS in Unity.But because i...

Quest and VRam

I am developing a game at the moment for PC and I am also planning to support Oculus Quest. I am having difficulty finding any information on how much video RAM quest has. Based on the lack of info, I'm assuming that it is shared memory ( aka uses re...

Gamelift Server issues

I have a code/application that is already running ok via Windows in VR. So it means that Gamelift Serverand the clients are already working ok. When trying to run the same code on Quest, seems it cant connect and stays in the Entry level that should ...

[I SOLVED IT]Off Hand Grab Stopped Working

unity 2019.2.3oculus integration 13 and 14I have a Mac and use the oculus questI can't even begin to guess whats wrong it worked one day and not the next.I was working with external scripts that accessed the grabble but it worked even then. distance ...

where do i buy VR videos in 180 or 360

Hi Team, I don't want to be reliant on the internet,. and want to buy VR videos so I can upload them to the quest memory. However I am struggling to find content or sites where I can buy them> any help would be appreciated. ta

How to get the Device ID

Hey Developers,I got myself a new Oculus Quest and wanted to do some sideloading, but the device ID just won't show up. I enabled the Developer Mode in the app, created a new organisation on the oculus dashboard and installed the Oculus Go ADB-Driver...

How to read a csv file ?

Hello,I develop under Unity 2019.3.8f1 in C# for an Oculus Quest.I wish to read a csv file, parse it, and display stuff depending on the data contained inside the file.Problem is : 1. I don't find my csv file inside the oculus quest (i checked with S...

Store opening up for Quest since yesterday?

I use regularly the dev dashboard. Since yesterday, I noticed that I can upload Quest builds. Gave it a chance, uploaded the same .apk we use on the Quest Business platform. We don’t use the Oculus Platform SDK (so no entitlement check) since we use ...

Is this normal with the link ?

Hi,when I connect my oculus with the link my GPU is running at 100%. (I have an rtx 2060 and an i7)I was wondering if the cable I'm using might be responsible for that?I have already updated all my drivers.Thanks a lot.

Giinsen by Level 2
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Oculus link horrible lags unexplained ...

Hi, I really need some help.I've been working with the oculus link on unity for a while now.I recently changed computer (i7, RTX2060, 32Gb ram) and as soon as I plug my headset in link; my whole pc starts lagging a lot and overheats. even just in the...

Giinsen by Level 2
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What IEEE Standards does the Oculus Quest support?

Sorry this may not be the correct place to ask this question.No where seems to have an actual answer.So the Snapdragon 835 supports 802.11ad and 802.11ac wireless technology.So i'm wanting to know is what does the Oculus Quest actually use ?

RossBC by Level 2
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Gallery Viewer

Hi,Is there a sample code to make a simple Gallery Viewer? I want to be able to watch some videos based on certain criteria.thanks