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Is this normal with the link ?

Hi,when I connect my oculus with the link my GPU is running at 100%. (I have an rtx 2060 and an i7)I was wondering if the cable I'm using might be responsible for that?I have already updated all my drivers.Thanks a lot.

Giinsen by Level 2
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Oculus link horrible lags unexplained ...

Hi, I really need some help.I've been working with the oculus link on unity for a while now.I recently changed computer (i7, RTX2060, 32Gb ram) and as soon as I plug my headset in link; my whole pc starts lagging a lot and overheats. even just in the...

Giinsen by Level 2
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What IEEE Standards does the Oculus Quest support?

Sorry this may not be the correct place to ask this question.No where seems to have an actual answer.So the Snapdragon 835 supports 802.11ad and 802.11ac wireless technology.So i'm wanting to know is what does the Oculus Quest actually use ?

RossBC by Level 2
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Gallery Viewer

Hi,Is there a sample code to make a simple Gallery Viewer? I want to be able to watch some videos based on certain criteria.thanks

Oculus Link 1060m ETA

Hi,I currently work at an architectural studio with a majority of laptops with gtx 1060m graphics card that we use to show our projects to our customers and I wanted to know if there's an estimation of when is that card going to be supported for ocul...

Is there a way to put touch controllers to sleep?

I'm developing for the quest and I am running into issues where the touch controller does not detect button release when both controllers are active. I'm using button.getup and I have noticed that if I have both controllers awake, the problem occurs ...

swanb1 by Level 2
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Where is tracking origin on Oculus Quest?

Does anyone know the physical location of the tracking location on the HMD? For example If you stand at (0,0,0) (using ue4,  in this hypothetical) would your eyes be at the origin, middle of your head, front face of the hmd?

Unity and OVRPlayer onParticleTrigger()

I'm trying to get the OVRPlayer hands to interact with a particle system.I have activated the Trigger and have a script on each of the hands that is attempting to detect OnParticleTrigger or OnParticleCollsion and I'm not getting any messages sent to...

Unity Build can be Heard but not Seen on Quest

Hi Everyone,I pushed my first build to my Oculus Quest yesterday but had an immediate issue. Upon launching the project via Sidequest, the 3 dot loading screen appears but no visuals ever appear (not even the 'Created with Unity'). I can, however, he...

Ouulus Quest Link Cable

Hi,I have oculus guest device & I bought the oculus cable & installed the application to my computer, my question: can I play oculus rift games by my oculus guest device?Regards,,Mahmood

Unable to install APK on Oculus Quest

Hi.We're experiencing an issue while trying to develop for the Oculust Quest using Unreal 4.24.3. The apk builds fine (Android SDK v 23 and 21 tested), but after being transferred to the OQ it will not install.The Log.txt indicates this as the error:...

Getting Started

HelloI’m interested in developing applications and games for Oculus QuestPerhaps this thread can be a resource for myself and others in the journey of oculus quest development. I’ve participated in 3rd party development for a few different softwares ...