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Resolved! No Reply from Oculus Support (2 months)

Hi, my name is Ariel. I have been having issues trying to contact the Oculus Support Team. I have created two tickets in which they both got a response saying they were assigned to Oculus Submissions Team. It's been 2 months already and I haven’t rec...

Performance HUD unexpectedly shows up

HiSuddenly the Performance HUD shows and just is in the way, how come?History1 Performance HUD showed up in MSFS every time I used Ctrl + numpad +/- also the Debug window2 I uninstallled Oculus and manually cleaned up a lot of folders -> Problems gon...

An error appears on the status stage

App lab gives me an error in the test status, when I click on the Test Results: Security Vulnerability Review, I click on the details option and it tells me that it passed all the tests, so what is the error then? what should I do or request to fix t...

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Enable/disable passthrough at runtime causes crash

Hello, setting ovrManager.isInsightPassthroughEnabled = true works great and turns passthrough on, and setting it to false turns it off. but doing it over and over again, my app crashes at some point (sometimes on the first try sometimes on the tenth...

How to teleport using hand tracking in Unity

Hello everyone. I am a new developer using Oculus with Unity and I am trying to use hand tracking on my application, but I can't find any resources about how to create a teleport system using just hand tracking. Do you know where I can learn how to d...

How to get browser logs?

Hi! My quest default browser keeps crashing on meta quest 2. How do I check logs? I tried the oculus log gatherer tool but I can't see anything useful. Is there a way to specifically obtain browser logs? Thanks!

Access oculus move data

Hi,I am developing a fitness game for the Meta Quest in Unity and I would like to be able to display the oculus move data (calories burned) within my game. Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you

Quest prescription lenses

As a UK based player who has to wear glasses I wanted to buy meta approved quest lenses to my prescription to better my experience but currently meta only promotes lenses from from frames direct who are US based that comes with almost $45 shipping co...

Lala0891 by Honored Guest
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House/internal Ads

Hello, I was wondering what Oculus's stance is on in-game advertising which is not controlled by Audience Network. For instance, would an image of a product with a link to the product's webpage be acceptable given that it also follows Facebook's adve...

Eden_Ri by Honored Guest
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Afterpay and down payments

I think there needs to be a afterpay selection for the payment method or at least some sort of down payment to help pay for the products on this website. I would buy more products if I could help cut the huge prices in smaller pieces.

PjRaging by Honored Guest
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Disable automatic crash report uploads for my app

Hello, I'd like to know if I can disable automatic crash report uploading for my app. I know it can be done on a per-device basis via the phone app (Devices > Advanced Settings > Automatically Upload Crash Reports) but I need more control than that. ...

valverl by Honored Guest
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Native support for ODT (omnidirectional treadmills)?

Hello! Can an update be released that enables native support for for omnidirectional treadmills (the Kat Walk C2 for example), so our Quest headsets and the games in them directly work with ODTs, without needing a a PC to host. Just direct functional...

Arlen_K by Protege
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Can't build to a Quest 2

Building with Asus Tuf gaming A15, latest Oculus Dev Hub, Unity 2021.3.0, XR package, Oculus Integration 4.4 VEGA:MAP_TRACKING_HM: [Throttled count=5] All submaps have bad map tracking! 23:22:41.735 cutils Failed to open(/data/misc/profiles/cur/0/com...

Madcode by Explorer
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Record and Replay hmdData and controllers

Hi, I am working on a project where I would like to save the handDataSources and the hmdData in order to be able to replay what happened in the scene. ( easier than recording each object I would only record the data from the headset).Does the oculus ...

aandryyy by Honored Guest
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Windows logging tools for extracting VR interactions

Hi! I’m working on a research project in which I am using audit logs to understand the applications’ behavior and want to know if I can use windows logging tools (such as sysmon or ETW) for extracting audit logs for entity interactions that are happe...

unity play in editor forever loading

Oculus quest 2, using oculus link to play in editor. I changed the adb path of oculus developer hub and everything **bleep**ed up. If I click the play button, oculus interface shows "Loading" and get stucked in loading status. Even if I cancelled the...

kobe972 by Explorer
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Unreal Multiplayer issue Joining Session

Hi, I've posted this on the Unreal forums as well so if I get an answer there I will post it here. I've been developing a VR demo in Unreal 4.22 for the Quest for about a month with great success. It is a multiplayer shooter and I've been hosting on ...

Ham1ton by Protege
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Quest2 mirroring launched automatically

Hi all,I developed Architectural Visualization environment in Unreal Engine for the Quest2, and while doing the presentation we use an external tv ( with google chromecast ) so that whoever is doing the environment presentation is able to see what th...