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Any in-game multiplayer network failure

Any and every game's multiplayer network is giving me the error, "failed to connect." Tuesday of this week, my quest worked normally. Wednesday I tried to log on to play Cook-out with my wife and the network failed to connect. This seemed strange to ...

Quest features

Would love to see the ability to use a phone in the home setting. Since the quest already connects to your phone, seems like it would be a possibility?

Extended reality about.

Hi. I can see phone notifications on Quest 2 screen. My wish is to mirror the phone screen to the Quest 2 screen. For example, being able to see a screenshot of an open program on the phone exactly on the Quest 2 screen. Why would you need such a thi...

silikon1.jpg silikon_.jpg

Handtracking app - true recenter API for Unity

Hi all! I'm making an hand-tracking game as a seated or standing experience.While standing, the user sometimes move around a bit, after time its offset causes the game to act weird for obvious reasons. While recentering with controller is very easy a...

Metzada by Honored Guest
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Mobile SDK Installation

Hello there, I am totally new to Oculus development and my question is very basic:How do I install the Mobile SDK on my Windows PC?I searched the official "Mobile SDK Getting Started Guide". They tell you a lot about Android Studio and other SDKs lik...

FernetBro by Honored Guest
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Resolved! 48-62 FPS acceptable?

I've been developing a VR space shooter game for the better part of a year now, and I've finally taken a good look at the OVR metrics tool for measuring performance.Unfortunately, I've found that even when material batching everything in the game, I ...

Make reposts for people

I can log in to Facebook from my PC and download a screenshot photo from my glasses, but why do I have to do this every time? guys, add the pliz button in the repost somewhere else. how terribly inconvenient

Single camera position in UE4.26 material

As the title says, how can I get a single camera position within a material? The CameraPosition node returns the position of the left or right eye, and I can't find any custom HLSL that allows the calculation of the center point between the two eyes....

Low Overhead Mode in Oculus Integration 1.41

The release notes for 1.41 describe a "low overhead mode" for Player Settings, but after importing I don't see that in Unity 2019.1. It's been in the release notes of Unity 2019.2 so I'm confused is this a Unity or Oculus Integration feature?

Horizon worlds suggestions

Clock widget below building mode make it optional! Add a warping tool for building in horizon. General suggestions, when on oculus and on any game have a Battery is critically low alert pop up on corner or edge of screen when oculus gets close to low...

Unable to list connected devices.

I'm new to VR development and I have no idea how to setup up the oculus quest 2. I was following a tutorial and I got stuck with these errors. any advice on how to set up unity would be great thanksERROR Unable to list connected devices. ADB server v...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Data Use Checkup

Data Use Check up needs to be more clear in its needs for a game just checking every box for user id and profile makes no sense. Also it should not be locked if you cancel a submission.

Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controllers 3d models

Hello, I'm the designer of the NoobTube aiming device for Oculus Quest and Oculus Go... It's a very popular item, easy to print and build, cheap and extremely usable. To update it for Quest 2 I need a 3d model of the Quest 2 controllers, does anyone ...

When connecting Quest 2 to PC it gets static

Whenever I connect my Oculus Quest 2 to my PC using the cable or the air link, the screen becomes very staticky. I've tried changing the resolution and graphics, but it didn't work. Does anyone have ideas or know how I can fix this?

5k4lar by Honored Guest
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No update from Oculus Developer Dashboard....!

I just need to know how long will take to publish the app on Oculus store, we've developed and uploaded the our VR app on developer dashboard a month ago, it is available through App Lab couple of minutes later after uploaded. But since then no more ...

ADB not running logcat properly

Adb does not seem to be behaving properly with my quest 2. Windows 10, connecting over wifi. I plugged the quest in with USB, did an adb devices and the quest was listed. I ran:adb tcpip 5555 and then unplugged the quest I ran adb connect IPaddress a...

crossmr by Protege
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Calling ALL Game Creators

Can we get some learning games for our school aged children? Something like a letter/number recognition. Math equation race game. Something fun, interactive, multi-player, fun & bright. Who can create LEARNING games that kids actually WANT to PLAY?? ...

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