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Oculus Integration hand grab not working

I set rigidbody,box collider,hand grab interactable,grabbable,interactable group view and interactable debug visual to a cube. When my hand reaches the cube and grab it, the color of the cube changes, meaning that the cube has detected grabbing behav...

kobe972 by Level 3
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OVR Spatial anchor position lost

We are trying to make a shared space game using shared anchors but 50% of the anchors after some time looses position and start matching face position..... I'm the only one with this problem? there is a solution?I am now desperate

Build stuck on "Malware Test" for days

Hi,We have uploaded a new build to the RC channel of one of our live apps, but it has been stuck on "Running Malware Review Test" since Friday. I have attached a screenshot below:I hoped this was just a visual bug but when trying to push it to the Pr...


Oculus Mobile SDK Mac Apple Silicon

It shows on the documentation page of system requirements that if we're using Mac OS x86, architecture is needed. Can we work around that by using Rosetta translation?Also, can the be run on an Android phone emulator (even if it won't look good and w...

Can't Turn On The Development Mode

I'm having this problem for three days in a row now.When I'm trying to turn the dev mode on, a message appears that says "We're having a problem loading this. Please try again".I have no idea why this issue happens. Couldn't found a solution yet!


Frequent lagging/crashing in a world

The games I play in VR are Murder Mystery 4, Magic Freeze Tag, & Prison Escape where not even an hour has gone by in the round and I lag then crash where I'm taken to my home world and have to go back into the next game where it repeats all over agai...

Any way to do live debugging in Unity on Linux?

Being able to use Oculus Link to do live debugging would be very convenient, but there's a problem. Oculus Link only supports Windows, and I use Linux. So are there any other options for debugging in the Unity editor while running the game on my Ques...

Unable to redeem free Beat Saber

Received the email to redeem Beat Saber that come with purchase the Quest 2. Click on redeem but it shows “Unable to load. Please try again later”. I have been trying so many times so many times but still unable to load. The offer expires on 12/17/20...

Spectator Camera for Casting

Hey All, I've been trying to get the Oculus Spectator mode ( working, but I can't even get the example scene to work. The switch between first-person view and spectator view doe...

Justvdl by Level 3
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SecurityException when accessing Bluetooth API

I'm trying to access the Bluetooth API within a Unity project, but I end up with a SecurityException:01-24 20:40:47.280 26380 26405 E Unity : AndroidJavaException: java.lang.SecurityException: Need BLUETOOTH permission: Neither user 10076 nor current...

harrz-s by Level 3
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Uncertain Graphics Card Compatibility

Just upgraded from an old sluggish laptop with a Intel UHD Graphics 620 graphics card to a i7 Dell Laptop, purely with the intention to get a much better gaming experience in VR. But, only to discover that the Nvidia Quadro T2000 GPU, is not compatib...

URP Unity Oculus Quest 2

Hi,I have problem, I want to use urp on oculus quest 2 but the spotlight and point light doesn't work. Has anyone encountered this problem or know the solution because I don't found solution ?

iffenvr by Level 2
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Passthrough renders on all unlit transparent materials

Hey I'm curious if anyone else has had this issue.I am working with passthrough in a quest app and I have a movable passthrough window as a tool for the user. It looks great and its rendering just the way I want it, it is based off of the oculus demo...

Poggle by Level 2
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Unable to connect MetaQuest to PC

I just changed my MetaQuest software version from v36 to v37.Meta Quest Developer Hub no longer recognizes the device.(Note that the MQDH version of Meta Quest Developer Hub is 3.0.4.

m_nissy by Level 2
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Error in mobile app when try to set developer mode

I cannot set developer mode after doing a factory reset on my Quest 2. I'm having the black screen issues, so I did a factory reset to try to solve it. But it doesn't help and now I'm trying to get developer mode to disable proximity sensor, but when...


Informal Poll, Which Build Environment is best?

I'm just getting started with developing for the Meta Quest, and I am wondering what "build" environment most of you use? I guess there are basically 3: 1. Native coding (Visual Studio?), 2. Unity Engine, and 3. Unreal Engine?I have installed all 3 s...

ODH 3.0.4 blank screen

When I open up ODH v3.0.4 it opens up white then for a splitt second it changes to black then goes back to white and stays like that, I tried to download 3.0.1, same issue there.

Amooond by Level 2
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Resolved! Oculus App Lab / not input-focus aware

I am using Unreal Engine 4.25.4 and am trying to submit my build to the Oculus Developer portal for Abb Lab.When I try to upload a build, it tells me "The focus aware manifest meta-data tag must be set with required=“true”…and points me to here:devel...