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Developement Metaverse Controllers

I have developed a metaverse controller that simultaneously controls spatial computing devices like Quest and is compatible with controllers of all platforms, available in two types: portable and board. It features an innovative input method where to...

Unity Build extremely broken

Hello there,I've been making a small VR scene in Unity. Everything is fine when im playing in the editor but when I make a build and load it through the Meta Quest Developer Hub it looks like the pic below! I've tried disabling the lightmaps and make...

PingMS by Honored Guest
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ADB with wifi without a usb connection

Hi there,We have a VR project, which requires us to use 20-40 Quest 2s and a mobile hotspot device for a local network. Our project consists of several .apk files installed into our devices, and we use MQDH to send adb scripts so we can launch them o...

ercanert by Honored Guest
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Files App access to local SMB/NFS shares via WiFi

Hi,I think a great benefit/feature for the native Files app on the Meta Quest 3 would be the addition of connecting to local SMB/NFS shares with local media.This is supported by relevant third party paid media apps and if supported by native Meta Que...

Development of Metaverse Controller

I have developed a metaverse controller that simultaneously controls spatial computing devices like Quest and is compatible with controllers of all platforms, available in two types: portable and board. It features an innovative input method where to...

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Particle to Particle Collision

I'm having a hard time doing this particle-to-particle collision. I'm trying to collide two separate particles named Foam and Fire. I want to put out the fire when the foam collides with the fire. How can I do this step by step? Can someone please he...

Developer Mode Quest Pro

Hey I bought a Meta Quest Pro because I would like to develop some small projects for these glasses. I'm also very excited about the device, but I've already encountered a more or (I hope) less big problem pretty quickly and hope you can help me her...

KaroGr by Honored Guest
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Camera motion in passthrough

Hi! I am working on developing an app that rotates or translates the field of view during passthrough at different rates. I was wondering if there was a way to have the cameras on the Meta Quest 2, 3, or Pro track a virtual object that moves back and...

clGetPlatformIDs() failed by Adreno OpenCL sdk

Hello,I am developing on Meta Quest 3 using Adreno OpenCL SDK for programs running on GPU. However, when I try to run the OpenCL examples on Android Studio, there is an error of function clGetPlatformIDs() with error code -1001, saying that the funct...

Where to get the for Quest 2?

Hello, I'm testing out a game concept that uses the Paralution C++ library for efficient matrix calculations on the GPU. I currently have the library exported as a shared library (only a .dll for Windows at the moment) that exposes some extern method...

donpek by Honored Guest
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V63 will end Mobile VR Station modding...

Spoiler (Highlight to read)Meta had to keep people away from Android/Data Meta had to keep people away from Android/Data So if you didn't know meta had a update V63 to disable all access to Data we must push forward to return BONELAB Modding! If you ...

SharedUserID is breaking deeplinking

We're running into an issue with our apps, trying to use the Deeplinking system in Unreal 4.27, our app is targeting SDK 32, minimum 29.Once we call the LaunchOtherApp function, we see the app flashing, either to black if the deeplink target app is i...

Removing SharedUserID Flag from a legacy app

Hey everyone,We've got a handful of applications that were developed in the Oculus Go era and has been ported over through the years. Back then, we had enabled the SharedUserID flag (

Quest Low Latency Audio Playback?

Hello,I'm trying to port over my PC VR audio application (a drumming app) to the Quest, and from my initial tests I've noticed there to be a noticeable delay between when my audio events are triggered and when they're played. I recently saw this out ...

Unity WebCamTexture not supported on the Quest?

Hi,I am trying to access a UVC camera connected to the Quest 3’s USB port from Unity to render it using WebCamTexture. The camera itself is recognized by the Quest (I can show it using a standard android app called USB Camera.apk and there everything...

Xpomul33 by Honored Guest
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[Noob Question] Is Native deprecated

I was reading this tutorial seems like the setup progress has changed quite a bit from when the documentation is written. I try to find more resources on it but on youtube it really on...


unable to retrieve the user ID

Dear Meta Support Team, I hope this message finds you well. My team and I are currently developing an application that integrates with one of your platforms, and we have encountered a specific challenge that we hope you can assist us with.We are work...

Help regarding boundary system for mixed reality

Hi a few questions regarding the boundary system.We are a startup company that wants to create Mixed Reality applications for the Quest 3. These applications are typically used in large open spaces like museums/castles. To make these applications wor...