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How user can get their oculus email?

Hi. Sometimes when I try to add a user's email to a private app lab release channel, the system says the user isn't found. How can the user find the email associated with their oculus/fb account? Is it simply their fb email? Some users say they've se...

vizmoo by Protege
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Control UIHelper LaserPointer with mouse?

I'm working on an application that uses the DebugUI. Everything works fine on the Oculus but if I try to run it in the "Game" view inside the Unity editor, there is no mouse support since it is designed to work with a controller. Is there any way to ...

UE4 Can't get the guardian within the editor.

Hi, I'm doing "VR Development with Oculus and Unreal Engine" course on unreal learning. The lesson "Oculus Guardian" I can't seam to get "Is Guardian Configured" to run true on Q2 with link. Is it rift only? oculus subsystem is enabled and so is the ...

Enterprise quest build crashes during app loading

Posting here in case someone is encountering the same issue or can knows a fix. We've created a build of our app (Unity 2021.2.8f1) and loaded onto a consumer and enterprise Quest 2. Loading the build on the consumer device loads properly, however on...

Oculus making Game Show games?

Can Oculus make Game Show VR games like. Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right, Press Your Luck, and Deal or No Deal with a Community Leaderboard and Online Multiplayer options? I think it would drastically increase revenue for Oculus and also create ...

KPenn806 by Honored Guest
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External Depth sensor - 3d meshes

I am doing a project where I would like to mount a depth sensor such as a 3D depth camera, sonar or Lidar onto the HMD, to detect obstacles in real time and then represent them as point cloud data or 3D meshes onto the display. This way the wearer ca...


Quest 1 wiped and unusable after OS v38 autoupdate

Hello, Yesterday I started up my Quest 1 to find that it had auto-updated to OS v38, and all the unit's internal save data had been erased. In addition, I'm not able to access the Store to install anything (I just get "Oops! Nothing to show here."), ...

TR606 by Honored Guest
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ODH 2.1.0 Proximity Sensor Loading Bug

I had a bug where I could not disable the Quest 2 Proximity Sensor from ODH (Windows). Was stuck on a spinning LOADING... cycle Tried:Followed what the forums suggestedUpdated Oculus Software on deviceUpdated all SDKs via ODHNothing worked. What Work...

VTDA by Explorer
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Meta Avatars integration

Hi to all!I am struggling with integration of Meta Avatars 2 into existing project.You can see errors I am getting in the build:More details you can find in a post at the end of this thread:

Screenshot 2022-02-28 at 17.50.11.png

Seeking Developer for Meditation Immersions

Hello.My goal is to create / hire someone to help me create group hypnotherapy sessions.-Music-Nature immersions-My voice overCommunity with Oculus glasses. I would like to know if you have someone I can hire / List of affordable developers? HERE in ...

Cloud Sync

 I’m sorry for the blurriness but I’ve tried to cloud sync my photos for the past week and NOTHING has worked. There’s literally no cloud sign. And yes it’s up to date.

dr1zz3 by Honored Guest
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Oculus Platform Utility error

I am getting error on logging in using the correct credentials. Is it possible that I need to use an unmerged account? Or why am I not able to access. Trying to upload new build. Thank you


Can’t view my account or open apps

So my quest2 says I have no apps and won’t let me view my profile or any of my friends. At first I could view my games but when I clicked on them it just brought me back to Home Screen. So I restarted it then non of my apps were showing up. This is u...

Meta Avatars dev with a Quest 2 and CV1

I'm playing around with meta avatars, and own a CV1 and a Quest 2. Is it possible to test multiple avatars in quest using a CV1 in windows unity preview mode for user A and a standalone build on quest 2 for user B? I'm using a Meta Avatars Template f...

kidnee by Protege
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Bluetooth pairing

So I’m currently attempting to connect my apple magic keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse to my quest. I keep getting this pop up that says incorrect key or passcode. I can never finish pairing. Any idea on how to fix this. I have tried to uninstall and r...

lyleleon by Honored Guest
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forgetting your pattern

good evening everyone, i have an issue that when i follow your instructions when i forgot my pattern i have to go to the oculus app.but when i try to connect the app and the headset it still asks me for a pattern soo how can i reset a pattern if i do...

RickVH01 by Honored Guest
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