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Hello! I change my oculus username to “Female_Josuke,” i’ve waited eight months to change it, but unfortunately if I attempt to, it says I still have to wait 6 months. I could really use some support for this issue

Firmware update delays

Is there any way as a developer we can force a firmware update as waiting for the roll outs takes way too long (months sometimes). It is becoming increasingly difficult to get the latest firmware to test new features like ASW. I find it ridiculous th...

DrDubya by Explorer
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Getting raw sensor data UE4 blueprints and quest 2

Hi, I am trying to get the raw sensor data using the Oculus Library blueprint action from here : I am unable to see any sensor values printed in the logcat log. ...

notnash_ by Honored Guest
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How to auto run my app in Quest?

Hi,I want to install APK that starts running when I turn on my Oculus Quest - without having to choose it from the list of installed apps. (Even without enter to the Oculus home page. As soon as you turn on the headset- the game begins)Anyone know if...

ETA on SDK v34?

Hey all - since passthrough API is totally broken with SDK 33 and Quest OS there a publicly stated ETA for SDK 34 release? I saw a tweet somewhere that it would be "Monday" (as in, 10/8 - yesterday), but that has on

Hands Tracking but not animating

I’m fairly new to VR development through Unity, so forgive me if I miss something obvious! I am currently using Unity 2020.3.22f, XR management set up, everything is working great for actually receiving input from the Quest except for one thing: the ...

App lab apps cannot create paid Add-ons

Having just run into the brick wall many indie developers have talked about trying to get a concept / app approved for the Quest store, I have started looking at the new App Labs option.One drawback is that App Labs says it don't support paid add-ons...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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No Developer Mode on Quest or Rift

Been trying for 7 days now- numerous emails back and forth with tech support 1 Quest 22 RiftsIphone About ready to give up. Was going to teach VR with Unity and Oculus, but only thing students have learned so far is that if you want to be a developer...

kentga67 by Protege
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Resolved! Passthrough API no longer working

Hey all, I am currently working on an application that uses the Passthrough API available for unity and everything has been honky dory. Until this morning. Knowing that I have to use powershell to get the API to work every time I turn on my Quest 2, ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Grabbable issue.

I created 3 spheres, different colors, and added the grabbable scripts to them. When I grab them, the first one I grab is the only one I can grab again. I drop it and try to grab a different color but the same color is picked up.I can't figure out wh...

On-device Speech Recognition on the Quest with Unity

Hi, I am working in Unity, and I have been trying to implement on-device speech recognition on the Oculus Quest. Knowing that the Quest uses Android, I tried using Android's speech API's through a plugin I found on the Unity asset store. The plugin g...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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My Game only works on Quest NOT Quest 2

My game runs fine on the Quest 1, but when I try to run it on the Quest 2, I get a whole bunch of shader compile errors...even for the default Unity Built in Mobile Shaders. Not sure why it would work for one and not the other. I'm porting my game fr...

Developer verification not coming up on app

I've verified my developer account, and made an organization, ect. But when I try to turn on developer mode on my ios app, it just said "To enable developer mode, join or create an organization and then verify your account." Then has a "Get Started b...

xxxxhixxx by Honored Guest
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Oculus Game Commissions

Hello Can someone point me to resources/blogs/ FAQ's regarding how VR Game developers are paid for Games that are already in the store or to support development of games for the Quest. I searched but was not able to find anything specific. Thank you ...

YUMEGARY by Honored Guest
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Vulkan debug layer support

I can't get debug layers to work on Quest. vkEnumerateDeviceLayerProperties and vkEnumerateInstanceLayerProperties both return 0 results. Are validation layers not supported or am I doing something wrong (e.g loading the wrong .so)? See code belowI n...

elfstone by Honored Guest
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Oculus menu image not corresponding to the application

I have this problem that when I pause my application build by pressing the oculus button, the wrong application image is seen, as in the example below. How can I fix it so that the logo of the application appears? And not of the app I previously used...

image (5).png
MihaiDc by Honored Guest
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Preferred audio rate-- 44100 or 48000?

I have a choice, when synthesizing the audio for my app, of doing so at 44100 or 48000 hz.Is one "better" or more natural for the Quest? That is, does the Quest have some "true" resolution that it is resampling to, such that in fact if I submit (for ...

mcc by Expert Protege
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