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Meta Avatars dev with a Quest 2 and CV1

I'm playing around with meta avatars, and own a CV1 and a Quest 2. Is it possible to test multiple avatars in quest using a CV1 in windows unity preview mode for user A and a standalone build on quest 2 for user B? I'm using a Meta Avatars Template f...

kidnee by Protege
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Bluetooth pairing

So I’m currently attempting to connect my apple magic keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse to my quest. I keep getting this pop up that says incorrect key or passcode. I can never finish pairing. Any idea on how to fix this. I have tried to uninstall and r...

lyleleon by Honored Guest
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forgetting your pattern

good evening everyone, i have an issue that when i follow your instructions when i forgot my pattern i have to go to the oculus app.but when i try to connect the app and the headset it still asks me for a pattern soo how can i reset a pattern if i do...

RickVH01 by Honored Guest
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Virtual Reality Checks (VRCs)

Hello! I submit app and received some bug from Virtual Reality Checks (VRCs).Please help me how to fix bugs VRCs:1. vrc-quest-streaming-22. vrc-quest-security-23. vrc-quest-tracking-14. vrc-quest-performance-15. vrc-quest-performance-36. vrc-quest-in...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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More tracking cameras

I dont have my Oculus Quest 2 Yet. But i have some experiences with Rift S, and over all some times like in beat saber tracking cameras could not keep up, so i was thinking, if can be good idea make something like Elite head strap with more cameras f...

Kavista by Honored Guest
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Autoconnect to ODH over airlink

Hi, bit of a newbie question: I have ODH installed and I can connect my Quest 2 to it via the cable. Once that's done I can activate wireless link and remove the cable for dev work - everything works nicely. When I step away and return to it the next...

mahalobay by Honored Guest
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Streaming and Handtracking cases

Hi, I have questions while reading the VRC requirements for Oculus Store.1. Is it mandatory for Oculus Store application to support streaming of interactive/immersive VR content?2. Handtraсking input - is it mandatory or optional input type? Thanks i... by Honored Guest
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Oculus Quest 2 Loses Sound in Unity

Hello, I'm running into an issue where my scene loads up with sound working perfectly, but when I switch to a new scene sounds are completely gone, but only on Quest 2. No issues at all on Quest 1. And on Quest 2, if I take off my headset, let it sle...

VRengle by Explorer
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Hopeful integration of steam in oculus store

Hi, I was just thinking if it’s possible or not for a steam app to be released on the oculus store for quest and quest 2. This app would let us play pc games on your all in one headset without a high end pc. Meanwhile on pc, steam could have a sectio...

Jeddley by Honored Guest
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Oculus Quest display colours seem off

We are experiencing some issues with the development of our museum for the Oculus Quest. For a true, lifelike representation of paintings, it's vital the colours of the canvasses in-game match the real works. We are satisfied with the way the colours...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Horizion worlds streaming computer

I have an idea for Horizon Worlds I'm just curious since I'm a content creator and have been a beta tester and love the application but I'm curious if we will ever get to stream our computer to the app so it's easy for us to have shows such as live D...

Advanced GPU OVR metrics not working

I've been using OVR Metrics HUD with the advanced GPU metrics since it was made available, and for the most part it has worked very well. Lately though it just stopped working and is giving me garbage values, and I've tried factory resetting, downloa...

a MDM system, intern or 3party apps

Hi.Iam a teacher on a school, and wil use a lot of quest....Only whe wil have a mdm to manage all the glases... Some experience?Or is the new ODH also a option to manage the devices.Or are there new options for a MDM

GTX 1650ti with Oculus Link?

Curious to know if anyone has tried the new GTX 1650ti chips with Oculus Link. We need to get some new multipurpose laptops and the new XPS 15 is Our preferred option. It seems like the 1650ti should make the grade, but I don’t want to invest in a bu...

SystemInfo.batteryStatus is bugged.

Hello, OVRManager.batteryStatus is obsolete and we should use SystemInfo.batteryStatus.But this is not working properly. When the Oculus Quest 2 headset is plugged with the original charger, the SystemInfo.batteryStatus returns NotCharging.According ...

Jepplen by Explorer
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Multiple dummy accounts for all our devices

Dear Support!We are developing a free App for Oculus Quest 1 and 2.In our office we use up to 20 separate devices to test our app linked to the same account.Unfortunately we started to get into the issue. Our free app is not working anymore on more t...

Oculus/Meta browser

I enjoy watching Disney+ on the Oculus/Meta browser and using the theater screen mode so I can reposition the view up so I can watch while relaxing in my recliner. I am having 2 issues. The first issue is the headset started going into standby mode a...

Hand tracking wrist fade texture

Looking around online, I didn't see anyone having made an alpha texture available to use for the wrists to fade out. So, here's one at 256x256:It's a mesh gradient from illustrator. This is what it looks like multiplied to the alpha of a fresnel:

jlg0yehgq6g0.png 6b9506rtbluz.jpg
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