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[Unity] quest hand tracking with Canvas UI

I'm trying hand tracking feature on quest and I can use hand tracking very easily with 3D objects (also thanks to the sample scene and assets present in SampleFramework folder of the Oculus integration), but I have some difficulties interacting with ...

hands not showing up with LocalAvator Unity

I'm using LocalAvatar -> AvatarGrabberLeftOculus QuestUnity 2019.1.12f1Oculus Integration 1.39I can grab objects but my hands are like invisible. I'm new to unity Oculus Quest development. I created a brand new project with just 1 cube so I can grab ...

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Application is not saved on Oculus

Hello,I am developing a VR application, a very simple scene consists of a plane and multiple cubes and a sphere. Attached are the build settings.The issue is, when I Build the application does not show on Oculus, yet when I Build And Run the applicat...

Shader Model 5 vs. ES 3.1

Developing in Unreal for the Quest.What Shader Model is recommended?I am assuming ES 3.1?I was just wondering, when switching from Shader Model 5 to ES 3.1 my preview in Unreal is changing.I am confused. When I do the shading, lighting and look dev, ...

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about vulkan support

If the project I'm developing builds with vulkan, the app dies.So after debugging, the following Device profile is shown.01-23 16:58:19.802: D/UE4(12008): [2020.01.23-07.58.19:802][ 0]LogAndroid: Selected Device Profile: [Android_Adreno5xx_No_Vulkan]...

Emissive Material?

An emissive material ist not working when deploying to the Quest.What's the workaround?Is it actually possible possible to deploy Shader Model 5 to the Quest?Thank you

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Are there any Video-Tutorials that shows the simple process from creating an Unreal VR-Project and deploying it to the Quest?I guess that would be the best - having a starter guide that shows step by step how to setup the project file in Unreal and h...

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How to use Cloud Storage in unity

Save data with this method "CloudStorage.Save()"and Load data with this method "CloudStorage.Load()" ?How to use that methods?I want to save user data in user's oculus account like google game service.How to save user data(level, money, score etc...)

Avatar trouble with the Quest

Controller tracking and hand gestures seem to work fine, but the Avatar body is visible and stationary. Have I missed a step?I created a new scene in Unity 2019.1.4f1 with Oculus Integration 1.37. I've added OVRCameraRig and LocalAvatar to my Hierarc...

Jattier by Level 4
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Hand position doesn't reset on RESET Scene.

I am using OVR Player controller with Oculus Integration (from a few months ago) and Unity 2019.2 in a new scene but when the scene loads, the hands are offset from the camera . They still track but from the wrong origin. In the scene they are in the...

Display problems on Oculus Quest (Help me please!)

When I open any project on Oculus Quest a part of the virtual world appears with the wrong colors as in the photo.It does not happen systematically, sometimes there is no problem and it occurs later as soon as I start to insert elements or blueprints...

WebVR getVRDisplays() error

Hello!I have a problem with WebVR API, when I call a getVRDisplays() Oculus Browser returns error: Uncaught (in promise) DOMExceptionCode:navigator.getVRDisplays().then(displays => { if (displays.length) { VRManager.display = displays[0]; console.log...

Jittery Geometry

Hi there!@problem:I am getting jittery geometry when using the Quest and running a tiny demo project.@download:forum does not allow me to post a link@video:I also recorded a video from inside the Quest to demonstrate the does not allo...

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Hopeless Avatar hands goes. Unity 2019.6.6f1, oculus intergration 12.0. Finally get hands to appear in local avatar (why I have to put in app ID is beyond me as I'm only seeing what unity can do, it seams like Oculus want to spy on everything everybody does!!..ty...