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Hand tracking wrist fade texture

Looking around online, I didn't see anyone having made an alpha texture available to use for the wrists to fade out. So, here's one at 256x256:It's a mesh gradient from illustrator. This is what it looks like multiplied to the alpha of a fresnel:

jlg0yehgq6g0.png 6b9506rtbluz.jpg

Hands not appearing in-game post v37 update

We've had a couple of players report they don't see their hands in-game now after the v37 OS update with controller firmware applied. Have tested on numerous devices in the studio for pre-v37, old and new avatars enabled, no avatar set, firmware not/...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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flipbook in oculus quest does not render properly

Dear All,I have a very basic material being rendered on a spheric mesh, which appears correctly at the beginning but starts changing in a recursive manner by increasing the size of the rendering mesh like this video: is the f...


How Do I Get unity build on Oculus Desktop

Super beginner question, so I have unity VR build and I am able to upload my apk file to my oculus quest 2 directly. But I want to be able to play this game as a build on Oculus desktop. Is there a way to do this? Do I need to make it a standalone ap...

Failed to sideload after 1st successful sideload

I'm new to Quest development and have created the test app from Part way through I did a build and run which worked perfectly. Then I went back to Unity to finish the tutorial. After I...

Brian4224 by Honored Guest
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Development on Apple silicon M1 pro/max chips

Hi guys, two questions about development on new Apple M1 pro/max macbooks:Is it possible to connect/detect Oculus and render VR application using internal GPU?Is it possible to remote debug VR application (using Chrome debug or other tools)?

spinlud by Honored Guest
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How to Process payments of users in Horizon Worlds

Hi I am looking for ways to transact payments or display images to purchase as art. These transactions would be registered to an outside application other than oculus. Is there any current way to do this? Thanks in advance!

cltx by Honored Guest
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Passthrough: Can´t see some objects

So, I'm having a problem implementing oculus quest passthrough in a project I already had in unity. I managed to get passthrough to work, but some objects are not showing up. For example, the menu appears, the avatar's hands appear, but the controlle...

More accounts per headset.

We need to have more than four accounts per device. We are a large family and four accounts per headset is not going to cut it. That is like saying you have only four users per PC or four users per gaming console. I feel like this is a way for Oculus...

Resolved! Trying the desk feature to work - opinion

So, I have an excel project that I'm working on from home. Figured I'd try the new desktop feature on the quest to work on my computer. Drew in the keyboard area. I could have sworn last time I was playing around with this; the quest created a passth...

Any in-game multiplayer network failure

Any and every game's multiplayer network is giving me the error, "failed to connect." Tuesday of this week, my quest worked normally. Wednesday I tried to log on to play Cook-out with my wife and the network failed to connect. This seemed strange to ...

Quest features

Would love to see the ability to use a phone in the home setting. Since the quest already connects to your phone, seems like it would be a possibility?

Extended reality about.

Hi. I can see phone notifications on Quest 2 screen. My wish is to mirror the phone screen to the Quest 2 screen. For example, being able to see a screenshot of an open program on the phone exactly on the Quest 2 screen. Why would you need such a thi...

silikon1.jpg silikon_.jpg

Handtracking app - true recenter API for Unity

Hi all! I'm making an hand-tracking game as a seated or standing experience.While standing, the user sometimes move around a bit, after time its offset causes the game to act weird for obvious reasons. While recentering with controller is very easy a...

Metzada by Honored Guest
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Mobile SDK Installation

Hello there, I am totally new to Oculus development and my question is very basic:How do I install the Mobile SDK on my Windows PC?I searched the official "Mobile SDK Getting Started Guide". They tell you a lot about Android Studio and other SDKs lik...

FernetBro by Honored Guest
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Resolved! 48-62 FPS acceptable?

I've been developing a VR space shooter game for the better part of a year now, and I've finally taken a good look at the OVR metrics tool for measuring performance.Unfortunately, I've found that even when material batching everything in the game, I ...

Make reposts for people

I can log in to Facebook from my PC and download a screenshot photo from my glasses, but why do I have to do this every time? guys, add the pliz button in the repost somewhere else. how terribly inconvenient

Single camera position in UE4.26 material

As the title says, how can I get a single camera position within a material? The CameraPosition node returns the position of the left or right eye, and I can't find any custom HLSL that allows the calculation of the center point between the two eyes....