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Public opt-in in release channels not working

I enabled "Enable public opt-in" for my ALPHA and BETA release channels, yet I can't find a way that users can opt-in themselves to the app through the Oculus software or website. With a test account, I've tried searching for the app by full name in ...

Native SDK Validation Error

I am trying to build a VR app using the Native SDK provided. On closing the app I am receiving the following Validation Error on the line "ovr_DestroyTextureSwapChain(session, depthChain);". Does anyone knows what might the reason behind it and how t...

n0ddy by Level 2
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Trouble with developer mode

I have had trouble turning developer mode on, on my Oculus quest 2. I have made an organization like 8 to be exact but it doesn't give me on option to turn on developer mode on the oculus app. After linking my oculus up, It just says get started but ...

Quest developer mode suddenly disappear

Everything is alright yesterday.Today I found that the unknown source in Quest is disappear and I cannot connect my Quest via ADB.Also the developer mode setting is not found in Oculus App.What happened?

kc_chan by Level 3
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Community Technology

We are advancing in technologies every day and we are improving in human values as well. We all are evolving at a very rapid pace which has never happened in history.We have reached the 8 billion population mark and we have got the most diverse set p...

Oculus home errors?

Can get into Oculus home but my custom models (and Oculus home default models as well) won't load all the way (get the red box around them and says GLTF verification failed, check model and try again later). This happened a few months back, lasted ab...

Resolved! Requesting Microphone Permissions on App Lab

So most threads on this topic are talking about excessive permissions, however I actually need to use the microphone permission. How could I submit my app with microphone permissions, without getting this error?

Pangwen by Level 2
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IMPORTANT: Subtitles for the Deaf and HOH

Hello @developmentteam I am new to the forum. I have not bought the Meta Quest 2 yet because I need to know if there are any games that has subtitles cos I’m deaf and I totally rely on subtitles all the time cos I can’t always lipread. I watch subtit...

fps is exactly half refresh rate.

So I am developing a vr game on unity and having hard time to optimize my vr game. When I test the game on pc I get solid 72fps, but when I test it on quest 2 fps is staying at exactly 36fps. Game still feels running smooth and refresh rate is 72fps....

EyeGaze HeadSpace not working in builds

Heyo yall,I've been messing with Eye tracking lately and I'm trying to get our avatar's eyes to move using the EyeGaze system. This seems to work perfectly in editor (Unity). I've got it set to HeadSpace mode and the eyes follow where the user is loo...

Group Presence Roster Panel is broken today

Hi guys,My app has been published in the store for more than two weeks no, but suddenly the Roster Panel is broken, so no one can invite friends or use multiplayer.I can see it is also broken in your example app Shared Spaces. Do you have an ETA for ...

Scicer by Level 2
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