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quest2开发使用ouclus link

请问使用我是否可以任一从unity 打包一个exe,然后奖exe 放进oculus 商店里面,然后启用oculus link来进行流式传输到头盔 我这样试了 还不行

Using cameras in quest app

I'm looking into getting a quest for vr development and have a few questions:1. What language does it use?2. Can I create an app that uses the camera, say takes a picture, rotates it, and then displays it on the screens?

james.g.9 by Honored Guest
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Oculus Servers Crashed ??

Do anyone else have troubles connecting to oculus ??My headsets started saying "error connecting to FB servers" and now just "No internet" in Oculus windows App..And if I try to login to, then screen goes white and log says..

Cadpeople by Honored Guest
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Bluetooth pairing

Iv recently spent £300 on a bhaptics tactoc DK2,updated it and done everything even connects to my phone perfectly. But when I try to connect it to my oculus it says "pairing" for one to two seconds then just does nothing.the light on the...

OB1OB11 by Honored Guest
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Quest/Quest 2 submission for App Lab...

Do I submit arm7 or arm64 build to App Lab if I want my app to run on both Quest 1 and 2? I packaged both arm7 and arm64. I tried to install the arm64 on my quest 1 and after trying to launch it, I get the black screen and then back to Oculus menu. I...

app keeps stopping/adb no longer recognized in Quest

I suddenly - in the past two months - after firmware update? cannot get a build to run on the Quest.I'm running Unity 2019.1.5f with Windows 10. There are five Depthkit captures in my scene, which built previously, without any issue. Now it won't lau...

v31 SDK performance drop

Have you noticed the performance drop within v31 SDK update? Just updated the Unity's version of Oculus Integration to v31 and got big issues - was solid framerate, now it drops by 8.

Field of view wrong

I'm using the OvrCameraRig and I have a movie running on a skybox. I would like to adjust the y value on the camera so that the camera is closer to the floor. 1. How do I lower the camera? I have also tried to change the field of view but it seems im...

[Quest] how to match guardian to a real room ?

I'm testing how to match a VR experience in the Quest to an actual room (4x7m) using an accurate 3d model of the room and a fixed starting position (center of the entry door).I edited the Oculus boundary example for visualizing the guardian points + ...

MaxArch by Heroic Explorer
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Oculus Quest2 Stuck in Sleep mode or gose to black screen

I am on my forth exchange of my oculus headset since I purchased the first unit a month ago.. Each one that oculus has replaced the unit with has the exact same issue as the the original purchased unit. (BlackScreen after oculus logo and Chime)Fails ...

C7P by Honored Guest
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ODH USB disconnecting.

I can use the Oculus Link cable and Rift preview successfully, but if I try and use ODH I get repeated disconnections. I get a message Allow USB Debugging? and the RSA fingerprint. I respond to allow it and after 10 seconds or so the message reappear...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Problems using oculus link

Hello,I recently got a quest 2 to play games and use it with Unity (A Game Engine)so I installed the pc Oculus Application an connected my quest using my link cable but it kept giving me this spinning circle .windows recognizes it as a quest 2 and i ...

Capture.PNG Captures.PNG
HOAM7136 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! FMOD and Oculus MRC

Hello all, I have implemented Oculus Mixed Reality Capture inside my Unity Project and everything works great. The only problem is that if I use FMOD, no audio gets transmitted to OBS... only the standard audio that goes through Unity Audio Listener ...

TonyVT by Protege
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OVR Metrics Tool Download Location

Hi All, I am trying to download the OVR Metrics tool, but when I go to the download page there doesnt seem to be a link that lets you download the app. Is it me being dumb, or is there an issue with the website?

Unity : AndroidVideoMedia Error, tracks not found ?

Hi !I want to read 360° video tracks in an app made with Unity.I have this error : "AndroiVideoMedia : no tracks in myFolder/myFile".My app finds the right path. The error appears when I click on a button in my app to launch a video.I use Unity 2019....

LS79 by Honored Guest
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