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Quest settings run as Oculus Go in Unity 2019.1.11f1

I've tried building with Oculus integration 1.39, 1.38 & 1.37 with Unity 2019.1.11f1All settings are as recommended (no vulcan, XR set to Oculus, Android kitkat etc.) and OVRmanager is set to Quest.When I build test scene Assets/Oculus/VR/Scenes/Gear...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Problem with update v7

After automatically updating to v7 my games are not working:-the FOV is reduced-Only right control is visible by default-Left control is visible only when pressing a button, on release is back to reset position (0,0,0), not affected by tracking.i'm u...

Can't push build to Quest through ADB

I'm having a lot of trouble pushing a build to my quest through the ADB cli. It works on one laptop I have but not another. The error I get says something about vendor keys not being set and the quest shows up as "Unauthorized" when I run "adb device...

we can not run the application we have built.

We are developing using UNITY 3D 2019.1.3f1 + Oculus Integration.The APP ID is issued by an app item that is issued and unknownWe checked the Oculus Quest device that we purchased several times to confirm that it worked well until yesterday.However, ...

VRTK V3 and/or SDK ?

I am new in Unity. I need to develop something for the Quest. I installed Android tools when I downloaded Unity latest version. Then I went through some tutos and It seems that I have to download from the assets store 'Oculus Integration' and/or 'VRT...

Crash after update to OVRPlugin 1.25.0

Hi there,I want to build the most basic sample scene for the Oculus Quest. I installed Oculus Integration from the asset store and use one of the sample scenes provided there but I cant get a working program. The problem arises after upgrading to OVR...

Ocque by Level 2
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Issue Oculus Quest Mixed Reality Tools 1.0

I am trying to setup the new mixed reality tools but after the successfull Intrinsic Calibration i stuck on the hmd aligning. The MRC Camera Calibration Service on the Quest is connected with the desktop calibration tool, but i cannot sample any poin...

monozoo by Level 2
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Low FPS after first launch

Hi,We are developing an app for oculus quest using Unity that works fine at 72 fps but when I launch the app for the second time the fps fall to 60 fps. If we uninstall and install again, the first time always works at 72 fps and the next times again...

rivera by Level 2
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Pair Steering Wheel to use in Oculus Quest

Hi Guy's, i'm a new addict developer in VR, i want to create a Bus simulator to train new drivers using Oculus Quest, but, i don't know any Bluetooth Steering Wheel to integrate with Oculus Quest SDK. Any Ideas or Hardware known?

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Oculus Quest In-Game Models?

I am currently using unreal engine 4.22 and noticed that there is no implemented model for the oculus quest controllers. I also can't seem to find a download for the models themselves either. Without these models it makes it very difficult to line up...

Game levels based on scanned environment

Dear Oculus and community, can we receive any 3d data about the environment area where we play? We want to build a game level that surrounds us based on information about obstacles in reality. To set the game obstacles at the same place. For Rift S a...

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ADB Driver Not Downloading Correctly

Hello, I apologize if this is a duplicate. Basically, when I go to install the drivers on my computer, the folder comes through but the zip file does not so I am unable to extract and install. It just shows a standard folder titled oculus-go-adb-driv...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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App doesn't appear in My Preview Apps

Hey, new to the forums so apologies if this is in the wrong section.At our company we have been developing a VR app for many years now, supporting multiple platforms, and now we want to include Oculus Quest. A sideloaded app works perfectly on the Qu...

Grabbing not working

I'm having a lot of trouble getting grabbing to work in the demos. I have a few issues:1. I can only seem to have one "active" controller. Meaning, when I press buttons on my right controller, it pops to my side and works as normal, but the left one ...


Hi to everyone,is the first time for me trying to create a unity VR project and especially for oculus quest.I want to get the debug.log from the headset in order to access the rotation, accelerometer, etc. and make my life easier in general.To make i...

libAudioPluginOculusSpatializer not found

I imported the ovr dev kit and try to build a scene. what ever I do I get this error when launching apk on quest:Unity : Built from '2019.1/staging' branch, Version '2019.1.10f1 (f007ed779b7a)', Build type 'Release', Scripting Backend 'mono', CPU 'ar...