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Matching virtual location with physical location

I’m looking into creating an installation using the Oculus Quest in a physical space which can be explored. I will accurately model the physical space with the intention of matching up the virtual and physical locations such that the user will be abl...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Logging Hand Tracking Data

I am trying to come up with a good way to log hand tracking data (i.e. position of each joint over time) and storing it in a CSV preferably. Right now I am thinking of using the native SDK and attempting to write the data locally to the device, but I...

Black lines and flashing screen

While working on a new update for our game Wands, we stumbled upon this new bug on Quest where the screen flickers and black lines appear on screen. I would share a video but apparently I can't post links yet.Due to a tight schedule I figured I might...

hanlid by Honored Guest
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Quest UI hands with outlines

Hi, (repost: I had this wrongly posted under unity-dev)I really like the white outline dark hands in the quest system UI. (shown at bottom of this page: guess it's a shader that makes it possible? Is it ...

stillwind by Honored Guest
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Export pose data as a background service

Hi, we are doing research on pose recognition for VR and would like to use the Oculus quest to get the pose data while letting the participants play whatever game or service they want in the foreground. While we understand the resource limitations of...

Oculus Link TroubleShooting

For this of you who have the Beta Link option available, I would like to discuss some troubleshooting parameters that might have your games crashing. If you have game bar from windows enabled, I would recommend disabling it while using the Link Funct...

Which camera is better to use for Mixed Riality?

I wanna try to make MRvideo.(Oculus Mixed Reality Capture Tools) I consider buy a camera.Which camera is better to use [Logitech C922] or [GoPro]?What are the characteristics of each?If Gopro is better, which GoPro series is best?Is it good to choose...

Uri317 by Honored Guest
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[ProjectName] has stopped

Hi all, I'm using Unreal Engine 4.25. The project builds without errors in the output log, but I'm getting this error in the headset. I'm hoping some of you can shine some light on this issue I'm having. You're help is much appreciated.

Studio237 by Honored Guest
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How to create a Quest App

Hello,We are currently developping a quest application, but when creating a new app we don't have the option to select Quest as the device. We can only choose Rift and Oculus Go/Gear VR. When will this option be available for us ?Thank you,Vindevogel...

WebXR and Hand tracking.

Now I'm trying to use hand tracking in WebXR."Hands and pointers" mode works as current XR input source.So I m trying "Allowed, no controller emulation" mode , but there's no reference and examples.Is it possible to share information about native han...

OVR Grabbable Snap to hand (i.e. a gun) - Unity

Ive spent way longer than i thought i would on this, like days...So id like to use the grabing scripts to grab a gun model and have it snap to my hand in the correct rotation.So far ive tried setting the position and rotation to a GameObject, ive tri...

Spoon1997 by Honored Guest
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Roomscale guardian issue

I'm not sure if this is the right place or how exactly to reproduce my issue, but here is what happens:I build my game on the oculus quest from unity and if the guardian is set to stationary, everything works excellently.If I instead have the quest o...

Pixel Jaggies

Hey everyone,I've spent the last few hours trying to solve this but I'm not sure anything can be done about it. Using latest unity and oculus integration package.I'm using a 96x96 pixel wall texture on cubes to create an old grid based dungeon crawle...

Maximum Connected Controllers?

Hey guys!I’m developing a training tool for the Quest and it would be quite beneficial to be able to pair 3 controllers to the Quest. Does anyone know if it’s possible to have more than 2 connected controllers? I’d be looking to switch the active con...

How to set up Client Achievements in Unity?

I have a box collider that is a trigger with a Script that runs Platform.Achievements.Unlock("HELLO_WORLD") because my Simple achievement name is "HELLO_WORLD". From what I understand from the documentation, this should work, as this achievement is m...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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