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Suggestion for Quest Control Enhancement

I have been thinking about ways to enhance the user experience in controlling Quest, and I have a suggestion that I believe could make interactions more intuitive and accessible.My suggestion involves implementing a new method of controlling quests w...

Load model onnx with Meta Quest 3

Hello I am trying to load a onnx model for object detection in MetaQuest3 but i can find any solution , I used Barracuda, Sentis inside Unity but seems there is no way to use the AI object detecton activating the camera.I am not sharing the error bec...

Gelso77 by Explorer
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Headset keeps freezing

Hi im destiny,And i have a issue my quest 2 keeps freezing if it using memory, When it using memory my headset it also get hot not normal warm or something realy hot, On a cold start and while using it it freezes a lot.What do i mean with freezes lik...

Scale seems off on Quest 3

Hi guys,Grabbed a Quest 3, downloaded my game from app lab and the scale of everything seems about 20% bigger. Most noticeable on the hands for obvious reasons but it seems to be the entire game.Its lik the overall world scale is now wrong.Has anybod...

DPGames by Explorer
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Floor level too high

I am using quest pro and Unity for development. Getting the floor level using OVRSceneRoom.Floor.transform.position.When I am using Unity editor the floor level is perfectly fine. But when I build into apk and install it on my headset, the floor leve...

How to set a larger boundary in Quest?

I’ve been developing a software that aims to replicate a one-to-one mapping with physical space. However, as expected, I’ve run into limitations with the rather modest boundary size. After checking forums, I noticed that many other developers face si...

Continuos Voice Command with Voice SDK

Hi,In my application, the user will be speaking constantly and I want to use Voice SDK to detect whether a sentence counts as a voice command. I am following the tutorial here:

aaadazhao by Honored Guest
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Export space mesh scanned on quest 3?

Hey,To cut to the chase, I want to scan my entire house, then export the space so I can load it into a 3D model.This is so I can take that low poly version of my house interior, and make my own 3D model around it. (Which would be super simple walls, ...

tedats by Explorer
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Spatial Anchor not loading after saving

I am using deprecated Methods for creating and loading my spatial anchor in the game. But its not loaded again after saving. I also Update my rig with the building blocks.And in the building blocks Spatial Anchor Core I am not able to get the spatial...

SDK for Panel apps?

Hello, I am requesting that we get access to SDKs that allow one to develop native panel apps.Most apps/games on the platform are immersive apart from the OS apps. Since I learned that we can install android apps I find the quest to be more enjoyable...

Hand physics Capsules not following the fingers

Hello, So I have a working project with the new version 13, when I tick "Enable Physics Capsules" in OVR Skeleton script, inside the OVRHandPrefab, the capsules behave wired.So, as soon as the hands are detected, the capsules appear basically at the ...

Disable proximity sensor (re-center) on app only

Hello, I am currently working on a unity project with Quest 3 where I instantiate some cubes using raycast (still in the demo), but when i take off the headset and move, or rotate my head and wear it again, the cubes position drift or move to right w...

audio latency on quest 3

Hello Everyone, We are developing an app with multitrack audio recording.Using Unity Native audio plug-in SDK.On the quest 2 we have good results with compinsating for the latency.For the quest 3, it seems the latency is random.Any suggestion on how ...

Entitlement checking no longer a requirement?

An Oculus developer support person just replied to my request for help in getting Entitlement checking to work in my app.She suggested that Entitlement checking is no longer a requirement.I have not heard that, has anyone else?Thanks,Larry

VR in moving vehicle Rendering issue

I am working on a project which involves using meta quest 3 in Rift mode while inside a moving vehicle. We are attempting to display lidar information as a customer demo and visualization tool.We have run into the usual suspects while doing this (e.g...