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Lack of response from Oculus?

Hi everyone,I'm frustrated by the lack of response from Oculus. Myself and 5 other developers lodged a bunch 3 months ago that has not received any progress: there any reason for such a lack of...

Oculus Quest Link

I know that the upcoming Oculus Quest link is a USB-C connection. If my laptop has no USB-C connection will a USB-C to USB-A adapter allow me to connect the Oculus Quest to my PC? Or am I required to buy a PC with a USB-C connection?

Mixed Reality World Alignment

Hello,I am working on a mixed reality installation using an Oculus Quest with Unreal Engine. For now I've just used the teleporter from the standard VR blueprint from UE4 to align position and direction. However, I need the user to be able to simply ...

Build & Run Deploys Wont Start IN Quest

Hi,I'm kinda not sure what else to look at here. I used a sample from the Oculus kit the VR hoops. Everything is setup installed in unity. I go running and build the project out to the device and it never starts up on the quest. Is there some piece I...

Wireframe shader support possible on quest?

Ran in to several issues trying to get a working wireframe shader working on the quest due to the lack of geometry shader support, most (if not all) solutions I've found or have used in the past require a geom shader for wireframes.Has anyone been ab...

UE4 Audio Volume Oculus Quest Crash?

Hello,We are seeing a Oculus Quest only crash on 4.22.2. Has anyone encounter this crash on the quest before?10-04 11:15:06.673 12551 12551 F DEBUG : Build fingerprint: ‘oculus/vr_monterey/monterey:7.1.1/NGI77B/377480.16500.0:user/release-keys10-04 1...

Oculus Quest Multiplayer

I have made an app for the quest and one of our clients would like to download the app remotely and the only way to do that is via a release channel. One of our upcoming apps requires multiplayer but I can't seem to get multiplayer to work because it...

LuqmanRS by Honored Guest
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Go Pro for Mixed Reality capture on Quest

I looked at the "Device and System Configuration" where they suggest a camera like an go pro.I have not been able to test this. But I see youtube video's where an Go Pro is on live view mode connected to a HDMI monitor with massive lag.Anybody have a...

WinVR01 by Honored Guest
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Unity: Oculus Quest Entitlement Check Keeps Failing

Unity: 2018.3.6f1Oculus Integration: 1.4Hi All,I am trying to implement an entitlement check in my Quest app so that we can submit the app for a technical review and get approved for keys (we did not pass the concept review.)I have done the following...


example quest pitch

Where can I find an example quest pitch. I heard it talked about on an oculus connect 6 video but can't find it anywhere.

dwatt477 by Explorer
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Quest have the ANT+ chip ?

Dear all, i’ve a big question, Quest support ANT+ ? I’ve made a lot of search about it, but i didn’t found nothing. So, i ask to the Administrators and Facebook engineer if there is a way to receive ANT+ from the quest. Hoping that someone can reply ...

hacaro by Explorer
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When will we get access to Oculus Insight data?

I was surprised to not hear anything at OC6 about Oculus Insight, as the Dead and Buried arena demo at OC5 was a huge hit and I was hoping to have access to the Insight tracking this year, this would be a huge help in our development

jllabelle by Honored Guest
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Cannot shell into Quest Device, Cannot ADB root

Good Morning.I'm trying to shell into my device to retrieve some logs from a developmental UE4 build, but I've discovered I can't seem to root into the device.Trying to navigate anywhere yields only Permission denied.Developer Mode is engaged. Anyone...


Native Quest haptics / vrapi_SetHapticVibrationBuffer

I am adding haptics to my Native SDK project for Go/Quest.I find in the headers a vrapi_SetHapticVibrationSimple where you pass in 0-1. So that's straightforward.However I also find a vrapi_SetHapticVibrationBuffer that takes a start time, a number o...

mcc by Expert Protege
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Cannot download app from Developer Feed

I have been working on a app for Oculus GO and Oculus Quest and when I run the app through Unity (Build and Run), it runs smoothly on both devices. The issue is that when I upload the app to an ALPHA Channel, the app still downloads and runs on the G...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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