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Legs and feet body tracking

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following the release of SDK v46, I just had a look at the body tracking features made available; The body feature is great news for us, as this would allow us to have a more convincing characters in multiplayer games than what we are obtaining with IK alone.


With a few tweaks, I was able to build a working unity project with the samples available here :


I ran the demo called "MovementRetargeting" and got a working mirror of the body the system is computing. This works great on the upper body part, but the leg and feet information is missing.


I tried to play with the sample by adding more body sections to "align" and to "position" in the "drive third party skeleton" component of the demo, but that didn't change a thing on the result.


When watching Oculus connect presentations of this year, I saw a demo of a character with the lower part of the body being also estimated by the body tracking feature; will the functionality be available at a later date, or am I missing something in the available samples ?





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By any chance did the scene was renamed?