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Meta Avatars SDK (Feedback/Issues)

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Do you have any feedback and/or issues in regards to the Meta Avatars SDK? Use this place to discuss, as we'll have members of the engineering team reviewing this thread!


Read the blog on the Meta Avatars SDK here:


Refer to the Meta Avatars SDK documentation here:

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Hi, for the avatar editor: on the samples the Mirror scene its says: "This scene also shows how to launch the Avatar Editor."

I do not believe you will have those DLLs on Mac. I cannot successfully run the Unity scene in my development environment (i.e. Mac) because of the same issues you receive.


However, if you build and deploy to your headset (if you are building for Quest or Quest 2), then you should be able to get the avatars working in the headset.


If you want to see the avatars in the Unity editor, unfortunately at this time, it seems you need to develop on Windows. I was able to successfully load the avatars in Unity on my Windows machine.

Oof, I feel silly for having completely missed that. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I'll check it out.

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Any information on when / or if ever / there will be Unreal Engine avatars available? @mouse_bear 

Hi! We don't ship MacOS versions of these libraries. The Meta Avatars SDK targets Rift (Windows) and Quest (Android) at this time. 

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Thank you for your reports and feedback, everyone! I've reported the major pain points you're experiencing thus far.


Is it normal that adding the Meta Avatars to your game will increase the game APK size by about 200Mb. (Because it seems to include graphic assets for multiple systems.) 

This seems very inefficient. If this is the case I'll skip using Meta Avatars for now.

Hi CyberLizard-


About 130 MB of that space is our preset avatars for both Rift and Quest located at Assets/StreamingAssets/SampleAssets. If you don't need the sample assets you can remove them without any problem. In fact, you should be able to remove Assets/Oculus/Avatar2/Example safely to save more space.

Thanks! That's excellent. I'm not really sure what the "Preset Avatars" do. I had assumed they were necessary. Are they just like a local copy of the avatars for debugging etc? Perhaps I missed this in the documentation.

Hello, Did you ever fix this error: "Error initializing OvrPlatform. Falling back to local avatar"

I am at the same point. 


In Oculus>Platform>Edit Settings


It says "The Unity Editor will use the credentials from the Oculus Application." Does this mean I need the Oculus PC app installed? Also "Use Standalone Platform checkbox is greyed out".