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Meta XR Integration SDK on Unity Package Manager (Experimental)

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Starting with v44, we will start publishing experimental releases of the Utilities package (“Oculus/VR”) via Unity Package Manager. It will be hosted on our custom scoped registry, and will come with a simple installer to help developers onboard.


Moving onwards, we plan to gradually roll out more Unity packages via Unity Package Manager into 2023. We hope to explore if this distribution method works sufficiently well to supersede the asset packages.


If you have any feedback and/or issues in regards to this, please use this place to discuss, as we'll have members of the engineering team reviewing this thread!



Interaction and Platform SDK were published today on ( 😉

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With the switch to UPM, I got into a problem with the Interaction SDK.

After I added Interactors to Controllers and Hands, all Interactors cause errors.

Whyever, when e.g. the respective Hand gets set for the Interactor on a Hand, the Prefab asset itself gets modified, which is obviously immutable.

Similar applies for Interactors on Controllers.

Because of this, I cannot build.

I am wondering whether I am the only one having this problem.


Is there a simple way to add interaction events using the interaction SDK with a default OVR rig?  For example, when using OpenXR, you can easily expand the "interaction events" dropdown menu, giving you an easy and convenient way to add on-hover interactions, on-select interactions, etc (as seen in the attached image below), but in all of the interaction SDK examples using an OVR camera rig, it seems needlessly complicated to achieve a similar functionality.  If there isn't a simple way, that would be my feedback for a potential future release


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[Reply withdrawn, please delete as I cannot]

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It seems downloading Meta packages from is extremely slow (about 0.06MB / sec). Today I was almost unable to install the Meta XR Core SDK, and had to revert to the old Oculus Integration to continue my work. My network connection (benchmarked) is 300MB / sec.

Meta XR Interaction SDK の OVRInteraction() プレハブの代替手段を教えてください。
以下のリンクは、OVRInteraction プレハブを前提としています。
ただし、Meta XR Interaction のプレビュー バージョンでは OVRInteraction プレハブがなくなりました。

Thanks for the report @korinVR! The Core SDK is now also available on Unity Asset Store 🙂

Hi @ABigBigWhale, I've some issues with the Meta SDK and Unity Cloud. I get the following error message:

com.meta.xr.sdk.all: Cannot install package. You are not signed in. Please sign in using the Hub and retry:
Request [GET] failed because it lacks valid authentication credentials

I have no problem to build the application within Unity. I added the SDK via the Asset Store. Do I have to set anything else in Unity?