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Voice SDK (Feedback/Issues)

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Do you have any feedback and/or issues in regards to the Voice SDK? Use this place to discuss, as we'll have members of the team reviewing this thread!


Read the blog on Presence Platform (of which the Voice SDK is a part of) here:


 Sorry, I can not. It is copyrighted code.

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It's absolutely fine. but if you could guide me in which script i need to do the changes then that will be a great help to me.


I did not change any script. I wrote my own. They already have a queue (or batch) API. It came out in one of the last few API updates. Splitting of text is just basic character manipulation.


Okay, I will also try to do that. Thank you for your help 👍

One thing i want to point her that i am using Oculus Voice Sdk in unity 3d 2021.3.16f1 and it has default configuration nothing more i can do with it here.


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The following error occurs when I try to include App Voice Experience into the Scene and activate it.

Platform service is not available: GK Check Failure - User does not pass the gatekeeper check

Oculus.Voice.Bindings.Android.VoiceSDKListenerBinding:onServiceNotAvailable(String, String)

System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo:Invoke(Object, BindingFlags, Binder, Object[], CultureInfo)

UnityEngine.AndroidJavaProxy:Invoke(String, Object[])

UnityEngine._AndroidJNIHelper:InvokeJavaProxyMethod(AndroidJavaProxy, IntPtr, IntPtr)

I could see that voice sdk is trying to access 'com.oculus.assistant.api.voicesdk.immersivevoicecommands.IVCEventsListener'. Given that voice commands is not available outside of US, does it mean, we can't use the Voice SDK too? Are these scenarios related or is the issue related something different.

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I have an issue in "OnfinishedSpeaking" function that TTS provides. I am adding an event listener for this but the function isn't called. Here's the code reference to it: 

void OnEnable() {

void OnDisable() {

public void _OnStart(TTSSpeaker arg0, string arg1)
Debug.Log(message: "On Start Speaking");
_animator.SetBool(Talking, true);

public void _OnFinish(TTSSpeaker arg0, string arg1)
Debug.Log("On Finished Speaking");
_animator.SetBool(Talking, false);

_OnStart() is getting called but not _OnFinish(), once the audio gets finished.

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I am trying to incorporate a voice recognition system using into a multiplayer game system where players can hear each other's voices using OVRLipSync and Photon Voice.

However, when I start using voice recognition with, the audio that should be flowing through LipSync and Photon Voice stops.

I suspect that when using, the "StartRecording()" and "StopRecording()" functions in Mic.cs may be stopping all microphones.

Therefore, I am considering inserting the Audio.Clip for the microphone audio that is already being used by LipSync and Photon Voice into either's Mic.cs or AudioBuffer.cs, and sending only the flag to start voice recognition with the "StartRecording()" and "StopRecording()" functions.

However, the program is complex and I am having difficulty implementing this. Could you give me some advice?


How can I use my own Voice Preset? I want it to sound like an old person.