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Voice SDK (Feedback/Issues)

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Do you have any feedback and/or issues in regards to the Voice SDK? Use this place to discuss, as we'll have members of the team reviewing this thread!


Read the blog on Presence Platform (of which the Voice SDK is a part of) here:


Great, thanks.

Yeah, I'm using the 64.0.0 version and as you can see from my earlier post this is already the second one that does not work.

Full path: Assets/Samples/Meta - Voice SDK - Immersive Voice Commands/64.0.0/TTS Voices

Yup, Trying to get the Voice SDK to work as well. Felt the same pains you mentioned with the samples. 

Have you gotten either of the below ones to work?
- Tutorial 1 - Enabling App Voice Experiences with Built-In NLP
- Tutorial - Receive Basic Voice Input through Voice SDK

No luck for me so far. Appreciate any insight on features / tutorials you have gotten to work for sure
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Sorry for the late reply, working on several projects in parallel.

I finally got it working, I think it was a combination of the second tutorial you mention and the video from Dilmer Valecillos below, because in my own scene I still had the text 'Listening', which is what is used in the Meta tutorial.

Dilmer's video: 

I did not use the Event handling, I used Dilmer's Voice intent Controller. And then used the OnFullTranscription listener method, not the events or the voice intent stuff from the understnding viewer.


    public void OnFullTranscription(string transcriptionText)
        Debug.Log("OnFullTranscription called.");
        //voiceFeedbackText.text = transcriptionText;
        if (transcriptionText.Length > 0)
            calledWord = transcriptionText;
            ... here I put my analysis of what the calledWord was, just string comparisons, ignoring case...


Hope this helps

I am running into a strange problem. In my app there is a selection scene and then one of the scenes is the one with voice recognition. When I start the app and from the selection scene go to the voice recognition scene it works fine.

But when i go back to the selection scene and then start the voice recognition scene again the voice is not recognised anymore. And I get this error message:


Anyone know how to fix this?