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Different trailers in Oculus Cinema?

Level 3
So all the YouTube videos showed people having access to 3d trailers and a multiscreen theatre in Oculus Cinema. However, when I got my s6 gear Vr, the only trailers I had were Taken 3, Night at the Museum 3, the new Fantastic Four, and Spy. No 3d trailers. No multiscreen theatre. The only other option was the short films which are neat, but I was really looking forward to seeing the 3d trailers. Is it a difference between the Note 4 version and the s6?

Not applicable
Yes, the Note 4 came with different videos including 3D Trailers and Multiscreen. My S6 download only came with shorts. No trailers or Multiscreen. If you search the internet you might find the Note 4 files available.

Level 2
Have a note 5 and the only 3d thing I got was the assassins Creed short trailer could I be missing something? Want more 3d trailers etc