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Does GearVR .mvrl play RTMP format Live streams?

Level 4
I hadn't thought of posting here, because I (wrongly) assumed reddit to be the place for gearvr questions.

I'm hoping someone here might know...

Using MilkVR 1.46, I've been trying to test out the live streaming feature as written about in the MilkVR FAQ (scroll down that page to somewhere in the middle)

getting back...

I've set up a local broadcast stream on a laptop and everything works fine when testing via VLC player with something like rtmp://
The Laptop broadcasts an SSID ad-hoc.
Infact, I've even downloaded VLC player for android, and connected the android phone (Note4 and S6) to the local network on the laptop and everything streams fine.

However, in MilkVR it just shows as "loading" with the rainbow circle but nothing happens. The contents of my .mvrl file is:

This is done exactly in two lines as stated in the MilkVR website faq.
Any one have experience with sideloaded rtmp streaming in milk?

Level 4
I thought I'd update this thread to say for now the solution was/is to use HLS streaming.
That works with MilkVR over an intranet