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Does OVRMonitor.exe in the Mobile SDK 1.0 work?

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Does OVRMonitor.exe in the Mobile SDK 1.0 work with a Consumer Version Gear VR and Galaxy S6?

Can connect by ADB, I can open the App and it will see my device ID. If I highlight it I can choose to check Enable Capture, which I believe should run:

adb shell "echo dev_enableCapture 1 > /sdcard/.oculusprefs"

However it does not seem to run that as there is no file unless I run that command by hand. I've made builds with the requested permissions but nothing shows up under "Available Hosts".

There is a link to "Enable VR Developer Mode". I have the Gear VR Service (Version 2.3.12) running and in developer mode although OVRMonitor.exe doesn't seem to notice the difference if it's running or not. All of the documentation I've seen references the SDK .6 and a Note 4 so I'm not sure OVRMonitor even works with the S6. I'm using Unity and it's profiler does seem to work but I'd like to stream development and capture the output.

I've spent many hours trying everything I can and even though ADB works, and the OVRMonitor can see the device I never see anything in the hosts. Is OVRMonitor a working product? I've tried to find someone with it working recently and all I've found is posts like mine telling me to use the Unity Profiler instead of anyone getting OVRMonitor working on 1.0.

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This is the consumer section of the forum, and should not have development related questions.

Also, cross-posting the same exact message multiple times is bad etiquette.
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