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Fixed pattern noise (uneven brightness of pixels) of display

Level 2
So the first time I've put Gear VR with S6 on my eyes I looked for the screen-door effect and of course I found it rather easily but then immediately another phenomenon was visible to me and that I can see a fixed noise in the brightness in the pixels.

I don't know about OLED much and I'm not sure how exactly this comes about so my question is if there is maybe something in the distant future planned to fix this. Like a per-pixel brightness compensation like is employed in image sensor chips to remove Fixed Pattern Noise

the best way to see this fixed noise pattern is to look at something rather dark and then when you slightly move your head you can see a static noise pattern.

Level 5
Do you mean black smear?

Level 2
"HomerS66" wrote:
Do you mean black smear?

Absolutely not


I mean this


the image is noisy due to uneven brightness of the pixels.. the noise doesn't seem to be monochromatic either

Level 2
Well, in my case a right part of a screen has much darken dark colors but I've never seen such noise.

Level 2
"DOgi" wrote:
Well, in my case a right part of a screen has much darken dark colors but I've never seen such noise.

The first time I saw it was when I first put the Gear VR on and right on the first screen where it says "HEALTH & SAFETY WARNING!" where you have to tap the touchpad.

Put Gear VR on and wait for the warning screen to appear, then If you focus on the SDE on the dark parts of the picture then try to focus on the noise you might find a sweetspot where you immediately should see it as a fixed noisy variance in brightness in pixels.

But I'm intrigued why this is not more widely reported.. one thing has to be said that I'm a pixel-peeper by profession since I was about 16 so I do have an insanely sensitive sight for defects and artifacts. This is what 15 years of photoshop might do to your brain.

But could it be that the displays in the factory go through a calibrating phase where the overall brightness is checked and then fixed in software by simply saying "Pixel XY is darker by 20% so set the brightness for the pixel to additional 20%"? And my phone has not gone through this calibration?

I've tried to take a pic of it through DSLR but unfortunately it's not that easy - i'll do my best to take pictures where it could be seen.

Level 2
I know exactly what you mean, I've been looking up this problem too. Even wondered if there was a protective sticker on both sides of the lense but this doesn't seem to be the case.
I wonder if changing the screen mode to Basic might help?

Level 2
Same here.
Do you know if it's a hardware or a software problem???????????
My s6 is new and got a old one at home.
Old one both screens same color.
New one different blackness.