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Galaxy s7 plus GearVR official pre-order has started today

Level 4
In Italy at least, from the famous retailer Trony, you'll have to deposit money in the store to reserve it.

The base price (I assume the non Edge version with less memory) is €729 and it includes a GearVR and
a powerbank too! ... ro-347351/

Personally I'll wait next sunday to see if there is a bundle for the 360 "surprise", possibly I'll even wait the 25th to see
if other brands (Google, HTC?) will offer a mobile solution with positional tracking...
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Level 4
... Intersting that the GearVR is priced at 129€ where it should go for 99€.
Which would make the deal kinda 699€. With a powerbank. Not bad but no thanks.

I'm also very very keen on what Google has in store but I assume they will invade the holiday season... 😉
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