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Gear VR and Chromecast, Note 4 Works S6 is not??

Level 2

i do have the Gear VR with a Note 4 and Gear VR with a S6. I also have 2 Chromecasts, the old one and the new round one. Useing the chromecast with the Note 4 stopped working some time ago. Funny is that it works now again.The performance is somewhat ok, not realy fluid, but hey it does work. So my idea was, to test it with new and more powerful S6, but that isnt working whatsoever. The only image you see is the circling loading animation, and then freezes on that frame. Is there any idea why this beeing blocked. According to the information i read through the forums, it is intentionally, right? But why is the note 4 working then.

For my client,this is a very important part of the deployment strategy.

Any comment would be great 🙂


Level 2
The seems to be a workaround for the S6, I did'nt come up with this idea. 🙂

Basically what you do, is to enable Developer Mode and simulate a second screen.

here is a link to the Author:

Hope it helps 🙂