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Gear VR nolonger working. Only blank screen with a little x at the bottom right.

Level 5
Just recently it stopped working.
When i attach my S6 to my gear VR (innovator), the chime is there as usual. However, upon wearing, all i see is a black screen. Ive waiting for 2 mins and still nothing. 
Sideload apps are also not working.

Upon removing, the screen is blank with a little white "X" at the bottom right of the screen.

I ve uninstalled the oculus Gear VR apps completely and reattach it and it reinstalls normally (First time attaching, the voice telling me to unattach it and follow the setup instruction.) No error encountered during installation. But problem still persist.

If im using Cardboard apps (via disabling method), the touchpad works normally.

Im still on 5.0.2

Im guessing the likely either
1. Oculus has released an update which is nolonger compatible with 5.0.2,
2. Proximity sensor is malfunction. But this is less likely, as i kept my gear VR well after each use.

Does anyone on lollipop, especially 5.0.2 encountering this issue?

Level 5
I read somewhere bout booting up the phone while plugged into gear VR. it does work and enters the Setup mode in gear VR. However, at the point where it tells me to hold "back" button into universal menu. I then click oculus home, which then lead it to crash into the blank screen again.
I found a work around is to tap "back" at that point and return to the tutorial, which it the tutorial then continues till the end.
It then brings to the standard oculus home. I can run the apps as usual. However, when i hold "back" and enter the menu, and then select oculus home, it crashes again.

I'm suspecting this is an Oculus bug for S6 users with 5.0.2.

Level 2
I just ran into this same issue and called samsung. They have agreed to fix/replace the device accordingly. So give them a call and maybe they can help you out

Level 5
Previously posted about how i fixed this for my devices. When i insert it into gear vr i wait until oculus loads before snapping it in. Once i started this i no longer got the black screen. Works on note5 s6 and s7 no issues other than poor performance on s7

Level 2
make sure your phone is plugged in tightly, push down towards the plug then snap it in. 

Level 5

keanuc said:

make sure your phone is plugged in tightly, push down towards the plug then snap it in. 

Just to let every1 know, My problem has actually been solved.

It was considered a possibility though highly unlikely at that time. as i never had any issue with the port and its unlikely to occur acutely. as i said, the re installation oculus setup, and cardboard mouse tracking works normally. My educated guess pushes "loose port" as a less likely differential.
My findings (in my 2nd post) rules out proximity sensor problem and thus brings up "bugged oculus update" as the most likely differential. 
Oculus then release a new (background) update (detected by my antivirus) bout 2 days later and the bug was fixed. My gear VR now works properly.