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Gear VR turns off USB port on my Tmobile S6 Edge

Level 2
  Gear was working with Lollipop.. did update (marshmallow/ tmo) Monday morning.  Now I get the black screen with the "x"s in the corner and nothing more.  Seems that the Gear is turning off my USB port since, once I remove my phone from the Gear, if I go to plug in a charger or the computer it wont work.  A quick reboot solves the problem with turning back on the USB.  I have seen notifications flash "usb connected" / "usb disconnected" over and over a few times, but not everytime I attempt to plug into VR.  I have tried rebooting while plugged into VR but that makes me lag on the Tmobile screen for over 2 min.  Once I removed the phone, it turned back on, with USB in the disconnected state. 

Level 2
T-mobile - SM-N920T - Note 5 - After upgrade to 6.0.1 - major problems. 

  1. Phone goes from 100% to 50% in about 4 hours, with NO use. 
  2. Gear VR does not work
  3. Constant pop-up of black screen with small X in bottom right.  Accompanied with the sound Gear VR makes when user connects to head set. 
  4. Oh yea, constant pop-up of black screen with small X in bottom right whenever using phone
In summary - Upgrading the Note 5 made battery life nonexistent, renders my GearVR headset useless, and get constant black screen pop ups that last about 3 seconds. 

Did cache wipe and factory reset.  Twice.  Same problems.  DO NOT UPDATE TO MARSHMALLOW 6.0.1!!!  If you were able to update with no problems, good for you.  Not worth the risk of having a useless phone for those who have not.