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GearVR+Perception Neuron = Full Body VR - Video and Downloadable Project!

Level 4
Hi guys,

I've been recently developing with the GearVR and I have to say it's quite fun!

I'm using a custom setup which allows me to walk around a VR environment using a mocap suit, specifically the Perception Neuron suit

I've created a video showing the entire setup and shared the project on the UE4 forum.

In the next couple of days I'll be testing everything in a larger environment and with different scenes, so I'll update everything very soon


Nicolas Esposito
Enter Reality

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
That looks very interesting! .... The scale seems a bit off though with distance walked in real world vs the virtual one ... but looks VERY interesting!
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Level 4
Thanks! The scale of the scene is a bit disorienting, so for the next samples I will try to have a 1:1 rapresentation of the real world scene compared to the virtual one 🙂

Level 2
very interesting! would love to add this to my gear vr when ready 🙂 and im sure im not the only one