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Latest version of Oculus 360 Photos on Samsung Gear VR

Latest version of Oculus 360Photos is 2.21.5 issued ~ August 9, 2017. For me, it took reloading all the Oculus files to get it to work. I don't notice anything new in this version (I really wish that Oculus would publish what the changes are for each update). The browser still sucks pretty much the same as before with all the photos bunched together with no recognition of separate folders, no recognition of thumbnails as links, starts viewing mono and stereo panoramic images in opposite directions (one looking forward or towards the center of the image, the other looking backwards towards the edges of the images). I recommend that you keep your version 1.23.16 for use as I believe that was the last version with a decent and fully functional browser.

Expert Protege
I cannot believe they still don't fixed it. What takes sooo long? For many people who use gearvr in business, this is a very important app!! Fix Oculus!

Honored Guest
I have the same problem. I can't arrange the pictures in folders And some of my none 360 photos showing in the app too.
My simple solution for oculus is just fire your 360photo programmer hire a different person.