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Luminosity difference between left and right eye

Level 2

I get my Gear VR 2 with a S6 for few days and I have noticed a strange thing.
Left eye is much more bright than the right one. It is really noticiable when the background is dark for exemple in a movie in cinema 360 or in the home room when it is the night.
I didn't see any complaint about that trouble on the forum. Do you guys experimenting the same thing aswell ?
If you want to check, open the short movie "Lunar" with Cinema 360, pause at 4'39" and look at the legs of the guy with the right eye then with the left one. Switching between the two eyes you should see a great difference of brightness.

Level 7
You're not alone, and I see this on the DK2 also. I'm guessing it's because of the way the normally portrait-oriented OLED display is powered (and drawn) from left to right that the right half of the display looks a little darker in dark scenes. I'm hoping that in CV1 the dual displays with global update will completely eliminate this artifact!
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Level 2
Yes probably because of the backlight position. I've heard that CV1 will have two separate screens so no problem of these kind in CV1.
But I guest that for the Gear vr a software correction could be done. At least in Cinema 360 because it is very ennoying watching a movie like that.

Level 2
same here. do you know what it is?????