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Marshmallow Update?

Level 2
I received a prompt a couple of days ago that my US Cellular Note 5 SM-N920R4 running 5.1.1 was ready for the 6.0 Marshmallow update. I'm concerned about what it will do to the VR. Still haven't updated Note 4 because of Lollipop fiasco. Any experience out there? Should I update?

Level 4
My S7 on AT&T is running marshmallow, I have not run in to any problems yet.

Level 3
My S7 Edge (Verizon US, so Snapdragon-based) has issues with judder in some cases where it should not.  Apparently this is an issue with the VRSRVC driver, but I don't know if it's related to support for the S7 chips or Marshmallow.  It's not awful, but after living through the Note 4 fiasco, I wouldn't accept the update until someone I trusted tried it on the same model of phone and confirmed it had no issues.