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Network error occurring on install of software

Level 2
Hey guys! So basically you're probably reading this and thinking *same thing happened to mee maaaaaan*

I had to sent my phone for repair in which it returned with a higher software version. When I decided to plug in my phone into the VR, it came up with the instalation process..I pressed 'Next' then accepted the terms and conditions..this is when shit went tits up! All applications were able to download apart from 'App manager, Oculus System Driver, Oculus System Activities, Oculus and Oculus Home' around (100MB left) Everytime I press install, the application displayed a message "Network error occured. try again later". No matter what time of the day I tried to install it gave me the same error message. Mate! I bloody set up my alarm for 3:00am just to update it again to see if it was busy server issue but no! Now I'm left with no VR and no sleep. 

Someone please help me?! I read about this and know nothing about flashing or rooting