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Note 4 model confusion

Level 2
I'm a little confused on what phone is available in each region and which is the best to try and get.

I know there is two versions of the Note 4. Why manufacturers do this especially when they targeting a major release on a specific model of theirs is beyond me!! But can anyone confirm what model is the suggested one to get and if anyone has one what is it?

Very keen to take the plunge and get one otherwise it's a LG G3 for £299 and maybe a Carl Zeiss VR One or something else.
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Level 2
Get the one with the Snapdragon chip and your fine

Level 2
Also pretty confused here, should we be getting:


I read here that the Snapdragon is the slowest version?

Level 2
Yeah that's why I'm wondering, they differ in performance. Which one did Carmack focus on?

The input from Samsung is piss poor on this for a public release.
Intel i920@4ghz, 12gb ram, Windows 7 Nvidia GTX 970 4gb, 120gb SSD, OR Dev Kit 1&2

Level 4
Whoa, I am a total noob. I didn't even think of different model numbers. Should I have specified that when making my Note4 purchase?

I have an SM-N910V. Is that going to work or is it a crappy model? Is there a chance the Gear VR won't even work with it?

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Both Snapdragon and Exynos models will work fine for Gear VR.

Just don't buy the Note Edge, this is not compatible.

Level 5
All Note 4s work with the Gear VR (except as already mentioned not the Note Edge). But since Gear VR was in development with the S5 LTE-A version which has a S805 CPU, Gear VR currently performs best on the Snapdragon version, even tho the Exynos has a more powerful CPU (but slower GPU).

Level 4
Where do I look to see if I have Snapdragon or Exynos? I looked in Settings - About Phone and didn't see it. (Still learning my way around Android)

Level 15
I believe you are supposed to have the Snapdragon one, which should be the case for all major US carriers.

Other versions may not work fully. I would be very careful if you are trying to buy "unlocked" or international phones as they may not be a good experience.
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Level 2
I'm pretty sure Cyber is correct. I watched an oculus dev video can't remember which one but it was said by the devs that the Gear VR is for the Snapdragon only at this time.