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Oculus doesn't see installed apps in Gear VR

Level 2
Hi everyone, after much frustration working to get the Oculus app updated on my GS7 today (I finally got it resolved) which I'll cover in my other post related to that issue. Anyway... I STILL find myself beyond annoyed with the fact that the apps (some of which I PAID FOR) are no longer showing up in my Oculus app library & there doesn't appear to be a way to port them back in. They are still installed on my phone but they don't appear to be available in the store so it's not as simple as just adding them back in from there either.

Does anyone know how I can go about getting them back in my library? Nothing has changed (ie my hardware/software) & I'm hoping to have some of these available for the holidays & I never use this phone with the exception of the VR stuff so it's not a memory issue, it's REALLY frustrating.