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Playing top/bottom video in unity oculus

Level 2
Hi All,
I am playing 360 view video using inverted sphere in unity.It works fine when I use normal 360 video but when I play video of kind top/bottom i.e. _TB video file. I am facing issue when as the video play in top bottom view. How to play _TB video in full screen mode(without top-bottom view)?

Thanks in advance.

Level 5
_TB video? Are these raw rips of bluray 3d movies or playing from the disc directly?

If so, check out this post.

However for me I could not get bigscreen to work. It would still display the top and bottom image. I had to use Virtual desktop.

Level 2
Hello Telorn,

Thanks for your valuable replay, after long struggling finally I am able to play _TB & _LR video successfully