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Samsung Gear VR heating on note5.

Level 2
I got gear VR a month ago after eagerly waiting for months for it to be launched in India, finally when I got my hands on it I was so excited and the experience blew my mind, I would use it for hours without having issues with my phone or gear VR even though I get motion sickness using it for half an hour. Then I stopped using it for some days and I upgraded my phone to marshmallow last week, and for some reason the gear vr app reinstalled again when I plugged my phone to it yesterday, I don't know if it was an update. So here's my problem, I started with occulus photos, just went through my favourites and I moved on to watching videos but with 15 minutes of using it my phone turned into clothes iron and a message popped up saying I have to stop using VR until my phone cools down. I've googled this issue and found out this is common with s6 users, I've tried all the possible solutions and nothing has worked for me. I don't know if it's the Marshmallow or the app update but I didn't have this problem while my OS was lollipop. I would use it for hours but now I can't even use it for 15 minutes, this is so frustrating. Whats more dissapointing is that there is no response or answers from oculus or Samsung while most users are having this issue. So if any of you guys have helpful information on this kindly guide me.

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I'm having a similar problem with my S6 Edge.  I'm thinking of wiping my phone to factory default to see if it's some random app like Facebook or if it's because my phone is set up in dev mode.

Level 2
I got my Galaxy Note 5 in early Dec. 2015 and bought a Gear VR as soon as it was available at Best Buy. Phone heating has always limited my usage. I plug a charging cable in to keep from draining my battery. Of course, this also limits my movements somewhat. It seems like there should be active ventilation in the space between the lenses and the phone to keep it from overheating. That should be possible when using the charging cable. I'm sure I could work with the power settings, but the app should offer to do that for me whenever it is in use. I should probably improve the Wi-Fi strength in my viewing area, too, so the radio can run at its lowest power. I'd definitely suggest making improvements in these areas.