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Things that annoy me about the Oculus app (in VR and out)

Level 4
Issues with the VR Version
1) You can't do star ratings without taking off the headset
2) You can't see patch notes except for when you are downloading the patch. Once it has been downloaded it just says "no updates available"
3) It would be nice to be able to customize the initial home screen with favourited tiles instead of just the ones I last used.
4) Can't read the new user reviews.
5) You can't Uninstall a app.

Issues with the Phone version
1) You can't get the details of a app from the library, If you want to see version notes or screenshots or reviews you have to leave the library section, go to the store section, search for the game, then you can view it. There is no reason clicking on a app in the library should not take you to it's store page.
2) You can't edit any reviews you post, for example you maybe change your mind about something you complained about.