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Will the UK get the Note 4 Gear VR at all?

Level 2
Saw this news today and reflecting on the chatter about a May release in the UK wondered if this is the reason...

Is it really possible that they might make us wait for the S6 to get Gear VR?

It would explain why they are being so quiet about a UK release date if there isn't actually going to be one...

On the other hand at least it does suggest that Samsungs commitment is a bit longer term

Level 4
Well that sucks.

Lucky that I love my Note4 as a ruddy good phone anyway as it looks like it isn't going to be a VR device anytime soon.

(Unless they sell the Gear VR in Hong Kong - anyone know if they do?)
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Level 3
same for Canada also....No news... Even Samsung Canada doesn't know..... I called them... They don't have any info yet about Canadian release date.....

Level 3
I've got one, it's sat on my desk right now 😄

Level 2
Yeah had mine for a few weeks now from expansys UK, I was lucky when I preordered I guess.
I suspect they just didn't make many.

Level 2
I am in the UK and have finally thrown the towel in waiting for the release anyway i have ordered one from an eBay dealer in the states.My note 4 is the N910F and is contract free.Hopefully it will work with my phone and will download the Occulus store and apps etc...if not it'll go in the bin and i'll forget the whole thing.

Level 2
Apparently demo units are showing up in Samsung stores.

Level 3
The US version works perfectly with the 910F, couldn't be happier with it.

Level 2
I was able to order a gear vr right from the samsung GER store.

Tracking says it's going to arrive tomorrow - so I'm pretty excited :mrgreen: Unfortunately for everyone else it's already sold out again.

Here at German Ebay, one single GearVR was for sale (at the very same time, you still could order it for 198,99€ inc. shipping from samsung germany), it ended at 452€ ( 😮 )..

Still not selling mine :mrgreen: can't wait 8-)

Level 2
I've given up.. pitty cause I think it would have done what I wanted but by the time it's here the Note 5 will be out!!

Or a decent headset for other phones with built in tracking, so got a LG G3 instead. So I backed this project and hopefully gives me decent movie watching experience and I'm happy.

And then grab a Note 4 + Gear VR when they drop in price end of year and apps and games more established.
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