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Apps not installing

I just bought a new Samsung gear VR and Im trying to install apps which I had previously from my old device but it isn't installing. I keep getting a message saying error to install after it downloads my face settings are enabled and all that but sti...

Apps download but don't install - S6 Edge

Hi Folks. Just done a complete factory reset on my Samsung S6 edge. Gear VR software installs ok, but when I select download for any of my purchased apps, they download, briefly flash 'installing' but don't install. And the status goes back to downlo...

Undocking issue

Hi. For about a week now I keep getting the error Gear VR undocking issueDoes anyone have a fix for this?

Personal VR photo viewer for Gear VR

Hi guys.I am an architect and I specifically bought the Gear VR headset to show my clients the projects in VR. I used to use 360 Photos, but it seems that they have discontinued the app. This is not acceptable! Why didi they do that? Please bring it ...

jdutoit82 by Honored Guest
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Minecraft Xbox live log in not working.

Can't figure out why Minecraft on the Gear VR will not let me log into my xbox/Microsoft account. I start the game, click log in and then it tells me to unplug device... I unplug, and the Xbox app pops up with a button to "log in"... I press that and...

Viewing my own non panoramic 3D stills.

Hello everybody. I have struggled trying to find an answer about viewing my own 3d stills. I render a lot of 3d content from 3ds max and I haven't found a way to put my still stereoscopic images in the appropriate folders in order to view them with m...

New S10 - still imaginable to buy a gear vr?

when I read now that Samsung is dropping its VR stuff and oculus probably no longer wants the gear VR in their store (if I'm not wrong) .... I wonder whether it makes sense to invest in such a device..? Can I still get the thing to work, are there st...

Calibration issues with Gear VR Remote

So I just bought the remote for my Gear VR (white retail model) and I was having some issues with it. Whenever I try to calibrate the control, it would stop at "set the level".No error message, no check mark, it just hangs there.Keep in mind, this wa...

Help! New Gear VR game beta testers needed

Hi, can you test my new game? For free, of course.It is in beta, and I need testers to give me feedback.Game Title: HOPPY ANIMALSGame Description: Hoppy Animals is a third person platformer game (a bit like Super Mario) set in a remarkably stunning a...

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Black Screen when pressing home button

I got Galaxy S8 and After last update when ever I press the home button to exit an app and return to oculus home.. (where it should say: close app or return to the app) there is a black screen and I have to remove my phone to fix it... the same happe...

bakergr by Honored Guest
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Still No Arabic keyboard

How can Facebook be about connecting ppl together and there is no Arabic Keyboard?How can this device be user friendly if it doesn't support this international language? How does Facebook allow me to post in Arabic but not search in Arabic within the...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Random "Gear VR undocking issue"

About a week ago I used my Gear VR for the first time since my Galaxy S8 updated to Android Oreo. It worked fine. Since then, though, my phone has been randomly popping up "Gear VR undocking issue / tap here to finish undocking your mobile device" no...

AntJ2017 by Protege
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Can't link facebook

So basically I bought my Samsung Gear VR just a few weeks ago and was curious about the livestream feature. But it required you to link your Facebook account. Fair enough. At first try when I get to the link your accounts I click on it and nothing ha...


How to remove "Gear VR service" from my smartphone ?

Hello,I have bought recently a Samsung Galay S10e and wanted to try to reinstall all Samsung Gear VR application on it.I have been very disapointed to see that it is not anymore compatible.I have then tried to remove all apps installed (a lot), but i...

yann031 by Honored Guest
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App. Account Login Error

Hello,I've got my Samsung device and installed Oculus application according to the manual. I created my Occulus account. However, when i click to login Oculus in my phone(Note 4), it is rolling and rolling all but nothing happens.- I can login in Ocu...

ouskudar by Honored Guest
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Streaming en direct réel

Bonjour. Je suis nouveau je découvre la vr. C'est très excitant. J'aimerais pouvoir afficher le contenu du casque gear vr samsung sur mon pc ou sur la télé pour partager et guider mes enfants encore jeune. J'ai bien essayé le streaming via facebook m...

Feature Request: Quick camera passthrough

When I'm in Gear VR, there are times where I would like to very quickly "take a peek" to see my surroundings before jumping right back into VR. The camera passthrough is a great feature for not having to remove the headset. The problem is it takes se...