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Ocusdk or Cbsdk for my VR app?

I am new to VR applications design and development and need your expert opinion. Will Ocusdk work on google cardboard, after specially with a release of oculus mobile sdk ( which is used in samsung vr-gear) or cardboard only works with Cbsdk (cardboa...

ocu123 by Honored Guest
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Urgent Help Needed - Gear VR with no SD Card

Hi guys,I just got my Gear VR and there was no SD card in the package.Samsung has been of no help whatsoever and I urgently need your help since I am using the Gear VR to showcase a 360 film for work.Here is what I tried:1) I downloaded the contents ...

dcab by Honored Guest
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Milk Vr

Does anyone have any information on when the basketball all star game and dunk and three point contest is coming to Milk Vr, I read somewhere that it was suppose to come within 3 weeks and that was at the all star break.

cdjocp by Honored Guest
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[Unity] Supporting GearVR and Rift in same project?

Hi Guys,I'm working on a game right now, and I'd like it to be multiplatform - the only issue is that it seems the Mobile and PC Unity Integrations aren't compatible with each other? If I have one of them imported and import the other, it throws a lo...

Anyone with large pupil distance using Samsung VR?

I have large pupil distance of 71mm. I plan to purchase Samsung Gear VR goggles but before I do this I would like to ask anyone here who has large IPD to share experience of using Samsung VR gear. I have poor experience with Zeiss Cinemizer gear whic...

esdwa by Honored Guest
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TheBluVR update v 1.5 glitchy

Since the update v 1.5 theBluVR is glitchy with a mono eye bug during the app start up loading screen and everytime another demo is loaded within the app.This bug is there since around 18 days and it's not a pleasant experience when you show it to ot...

HomerS66 by Expert Protege
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3D enhanced 3D movies

I enjoyed watching the 3D Transformers trailer that came pre-installed, in the virtual cinema. I was thinking it would be cool too to have a cross over between 3D movie and the virtual cinema it was watched in, such that some of the 3D effects of the...

Will Note 4 Samsung Gear get a fan and Usb?

Will Note 4, Samsung Gear VR, also get a fan and a usb port? I just saw they did an update for the Samsung S6 version, so I'll be damned if I'm going to purchase one that doesn't have a fan and Usb port for my note 4.

RedRizla by Honored Visionary
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Paid App not available inside Gear VR Launcher (Headset on)

Okay so I haven't been playing with my Gear VR for a while waiting for the store to launch. Store launched so I deleted the Oculus App and downloaded it again then purchased Proton Pulse it works when launched from the phone app (Headset off)However ...

Evol by Honored Guest
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Library icon order

I've had an ongoing issue with the ordering of icons in the library. Aside from the fact that an unfiltered linear organisation is horrible (okay this has been noted repeatedly elsewhere so no need to get into that here - I'm sure a more functional U...

shaunfog by Honored Guest
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Wide screen videos?

Anyone know where I can get any of these videos and download them? Other than Maze runner and Thief I think it is called is all we have.

Cyb3rkil by Honored Guest
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Using 360 Labs content

Has anybody figured out how to use and integrate the video content from 360 Labs? This YouTube video from CES suggests that it's possible, either to view the videos on the Gear or just on the Note 4 without the headset, but I can't figure it out.http...

pygmyowl by Honored Guest
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Is there a reason why we can't download the videos from milk or im360 while we just have our phones in our hand instead of setting the system down while plugged in?It would be so much more convenient, obviously....and I've just been wondering if ther...

brouxman by Honored Guest
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Media Not Found. Tap To Exit.

OK I have searched everywhere and not found anyone facing this issue… Yesterday I wanted to show off Cirque de Soleil to a few Dance Instructor Friends, saying look this is mind blowing, this is the future and We can maybe do film some of the shows i...

edaddy by Honored Guest
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GearVR Vuforia 4 beta Lag issues after 2nd Load

Hi All. I created a GearVR Vuforia 4 beta augmented reality 3D app. I inject pass though camera to get the 120fps camera background to be liquid smooth. This app works perfect until you run it for a SECOND TIME!. After that the app is laggy. If you u...

HiroKiro by Honored Guest
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Reviewing the new games

Until the App Store has a method to write reviews, I wanted to ask anyone who has played the paid apps if they could provide their 2 cents. I am on a business trip and am about to go nuts! I would love to get some opinions of the apps before I get ho...

Gherron by Protege
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Paid store?

I'm in the U.S., why hasn't the store front changed for me? Everything is still a demo.

3d stereoscopic panoramas

Just curious if the 3d effect in 360 photos will be similar to the Patrick Watson Video. The image quality is not great but it would be amazing if we could take Panoramas that gave you that same depth and scale. As it stands now the monoscopic panos ...

Qix by Explorer
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International developers have been waiting patiently to buy Samsung’s Gear VR mobile headset internationally ever since the US release on December 8th. Many of them have their virtual reality applications ready to go, yet they have no way to test the...


Boom!Samsung unveiled the latest version of its virtual reality headset at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today. The Gear VR Innovator has been designed especially as a companion device to the freshly unveiled Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.Powered...

Advice re Lollipop please

Hi, Hoping I can get a little advice from anyone whom has already upgraded to Lollipop on the 910F. I really want to upgrade to Lollipop however my Gear VR is not due until this coking Friday. . I was concerned looking through some posts a couple of ...

meddleuk by Honored Guest
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Heya guys! Just downloaded the new milk video insurgent. 100 times better than the recruit one. What did you all think?! 