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Will Samsung Gear VR work with China Note 4?

In China there are 4 models of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.1 Model for China Mobile (has custom China 4G LTE)1 Model for China Telecom (has CDMA2000+)1 Model for China Unicom (similar to international 4G LTE)1 Model that is generic international Note 4...

edepot by Level 2
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Getting a GearVR devkit?

So does anyone know how you can get a Gear VR dev kit or how to become an official developer? We are developing lots of content aimed at Gear VR but feel like we are working blind.

50% off Samsung Accessories - Promo Code

I just picked up two extra Note 4 batteries and external chargers for $20 each. Should be handy for Gear VR development and showing off apps. Here is the link to the products. You'll need to create a Samsung account, then use promo code r6v4O061.

Devving for Samsung Gear?

HiPerhaps there is a thread or location already for this, if so could someone point to it.If not, the question is.Assuming all we have at the moment is DK2, and Samsung Gear is releasing reasonably soon, is there an expectation that people can dev fo...

Register with Samsung for Gear VR Updates

I recently found this link on the UK Website and thought I'd share it: way down the page you'll see:Interested in Gear VR?If you want to be notifie...

Gear VR Pixel Density? (Pictures included)

There are some pictures posted of the Galaxy Note 4 with Rift lenses. The pixel density looks good!I think the pixels will be more noticeable than what the pictures show though.Link:,GssLGk6,TvJRHCU,Vuyr0gm,1VEe9Ef,dahrRPx,ZM...

Using GearVR as the dk2 and more...

I want to know if the gear vr or the galaxy note exactly support video input from the computer.I know it does remotely with a streaming app but it could be great to acquire the hdmi pc output.It would be great if gear VR could work as a universal hom...

aminemo by Level 3
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Gear VR and Head Tracking

Hi to evertone! I'm from italy, so sorry for my ugly English. I thought since the Gear VR was presented: why not head tracking is implemented through a QR CODE printed and put in front of the device? the camera should be available even if placed insi...

Comparison to Google Cardboard

Can someone explain what are the main differences between Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard clones?If the Gear VR is going to be charging more than a simple cardboard, then it must have features greater thanjust plugging a Note 4 into a Google Car...

edepot by Level 2
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Samsung gear vr IPD

Hi folks,Would any of you know what is the lens separation for the gear VR is? I use the Oculus with a 3rd party adjustment piece that separates the lens to 69.5mm, as the oculus is default I think 64mm. The dev was also nice to create a piece of sof...

gear vr

I'm getting my new note 4 in one week,it's not going to be any fun without the developer's kit I want my MTV, lol. No really I want the headset I know there is one company advertising the selling of them, the headset that is but they are supposedly d...

Gear VR performance?

I'm seriously considering jumping into Gear VR development since that will be the 1st consumer product out. I have parts of what I think can make a good game on it, but I'm wondering about performance. My game uses Unity terrain and some custom terra...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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  • 0 kudos getting Gear VR 11/17/14

Dear XXXXXXXX,I am writing to apologize for the delay in completing the order you placed online with recently.Order ID: XXXXXXXThe following item 48645, Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset for Galaxy Note 4 - is delayed with our sup...

Unreal vs Unity for Gear VR development

I'm at a crossroads here, and was wondering if anyone had any input on choosing Unreal vs Unity for Gear VR development. Does one have the edge over the other when it comes to optimizing for mobile? I'm really not an expert on android development, bu...


So, I very nearsighted and wear glasses at around - 4 and -5 , do I still need to wear glasses for gear VR, or have they solved the optics problem ?

Will it work with the note edge?

Just curious... as I like the overall design of the note edge (and the spiffy little side bar thing that could be oh so useful), and they both have pretty much the same specs. If it's down to getting the note 4 with the gear vr or getting the note ed...


I was just curious if anyone thinks fingerprints/smudges are going to be a problem with using the Note 4 in the Gear VR? It Seems to me that it would be a frequently annoying issue since the user will be interacting with the phone/phablet on a regula...

jrd3d by Level 3
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The future of Samsung Gear VR

I believe that eventually phones are going to have 3D depth sensors in them (probably in 2 or 3 years), and I think this can dramatically improve what we will be able to do in VR on the go. I mean look at Google's project Tango, that is already a pho...

Gear VR to be a closed ecosystem?

According to this article, all software must go though the official channels.While it is probably a good idea to direct consumers through an official software portal and to safe VR experiences, I'm not sure how I feel about the platform being locked ...

MoeCapp by Level 4
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I have decided I was wrong about Gear VR

I finally got around to watching John Carmack's keynote from Oculus Connect. I was totally wrong about Gear VR. I assumed that the benefits provided by Samsung giving Carmack such low-end access to the Note 4 were significant, but not so significant ...

mptp by Level 3
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