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Zero Virtual Reality Case Cell Phone Cover 2 IN 1 Case

It’s a wonderful 3D virtual reality glass. You can’t imagineit without use. Most of the reliable and updated feature added in this product andmatched with iphone6/iphone6s. Very interesting and happy news that it protectivecase protect our lovely sma...

mhbablu by Level 2
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Subtitles for 360 top bottom video in Oculus cinema

Hi,I am trying to play a 360 top bottom video with Oculus video on a GearVR and the video works fine, the srt file on the other hand is seen and I do have subtitles but they are very small and seen in double.Any tips on how to fix this ?Thanks

Valoon by Level 2
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Note 4 Gear VR my produced 360 video files.

The new interface for my Note 4 is still confusing. I finally found my produced 360˚ videos under Categories/My videos. I have them placed on the external sd card under Oculus/360videos. Some are in different folders like /others or /Modasource etc.M...

How long do support tickets take to get answered?

A few weeks ago i submitted my game "Perfect Wings" for release on the gear VR store.I eventually got this message:"We finished testing your app on all of the required device configurations, and discovered that the application is shy of our performan...

Samsung Gear VR apps moving to ext card

I posted on the samsung forums and they said to post here because there is nothing they can do so I'll just do a copy/paste of what I said on that forum.Why is it everything I download via the Gear VR whether is be a game or 360 movie app can't be mo...

will graphics get better?

hey i have s7, and wondering if the games being released they are making the graphics only good enough for note5 and s6? are there games that are also pushing the limits of whats capable on the new more powerful s7?

Anshar Wars 2 - Stuck on Mission 11

Hi all! New to these forums and pretty new to VR in general. I'm playing Anshar Wars 2 on Gear VR with the S7 Edge and I'm having issues with Mission 11. This is the one where you have lots of turrets you can mount and you basically have to defend a ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Is it possible to save 360 photos to view offline?

There are some fantastic Ancient Egypt photo I want to keep but they are in Weekly destinations I think. I never seem to be able to find them again when I look. I think I have added them all to favorites now but would love to keep them forever even i...

Alternative to Gear VR touchpad

I am enjoying the Gear VR immersive experience but I am not so much into gaming. The biggest downside for me with the Gear VR is the touchpad - not just the location but I find it inaccurate and temperamental at times.Has anyone found an alternative ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Hi I "purchased" Cybercook from the oculus store on my laptop, but on the Gear VR it wont install saying unavailable? How do I download cybercook to the Gear VR.Thanks

Movies playing in split screen inside Gear VR

Hello all,Downloaded a couple of VR Movies who specifically mention that they are made for GEAR VR.Even the file name says so.Unfortunately when I drop them into the Movies folder, and open then using my Gear VR Headset, they play as two separate scr...

very good games!!!!

that good new games (smashing the battle and Wands), gear vr continue well, missing flight simulators and racing, so good, every day out best games for this platform

Anonymous by Not applicable
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What games do you want ported to Gear VR?

I'd love to see The Room 1 to 3 ported to Gear VR as one huge game, or at the very least The Room Three since it's at least a six hour game. The developer, Fireproof Games, has already released Omega Agent for Gear VR, so they have the necessary expe...

bbagnall by Level 4
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Gear VR wont start

Hi All Did the install and got the screen that says plug your phone in or go to the app store. Plugged in phone and nothing. No chime. Nothing. Any ideas what has gone wrong?

Stoaty by Level 2
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The New GEAR VR & New Note 7

This is all rumoured at present but...It has apparently got a new USB Type-C connection (for the Note 7), is slightly bigger than the older version at (207mm x 122mm x 98.5mm) and has a 110 fov. As you can see in the image it comes in black and might...

why dont motion controllers exist for gear vr?

hey i find it discouraging that gear vr is falling behind in that doesnt have motion controllers. Even the new daydream coming out soon has a motion controller. Do you guys think its because the tech/development is not ready and they are working on i...