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Oculus Dreamdeck For Gear VR

While doing some digging around in the oculus home apk, I found another oculus system activities app along with a single image with the logo of Oculus Dreamdeck. Could this be a hidden feature of the HMD, or an undeveloped idea? Or is it just a lefto...

Zooming video

I have an s7 with Gear VR. I understand that the oculus "void theatre" allows for zooming. But it doesn't work for 180 vids. Is there an app that allows for zooming? The moon theatre app says you can move the screen but that's a lie. Thanks.

"Install Error" When Running Gear VR Setup Wizard

It tries to install the 5 apps then it says "Install Error." Then the following three apps show up on the same page.App ManagerOculusOculus Home I can try to install again, but it doesn't work and says the same thing. There are no further details and...

jamesj by Level 3
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Gear Vr Cinema zoom issue

Hi All,I just had my first look at the virtual cinema and I was impressed, I played one of my videos and somehow managed to zoom in more by clicking an icon which looked like 2 boxes almost on top of each other, It was just to the right of the time b...

Steelseries stratus XL Gear Vr spinning camera issues

Hi guys i just bought a new gampad Steelseries stratus XL for gear vr. Its recommended by oculus. But its not working right in oculus vidoe and games. The camera keepts spinning if i touch the controller, is there any solution ? or my gamepad is defe...

presloo by Level 3
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freeing up space

I've never had a problem with filling up the storage on my phone, until getting involved in gearvr...I've made a habit of moving all my vrmovies onto my sdcard and deleting any apps that I find I don't use all that much...Yet I have just over 1gb of ...

brouxman by Level 2
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Will the next GearVR have positional tracking?Will it support 90 - 180deg FOV?Will it allow to attach two galaxy s7 as screens?

zproxy by Level 5
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VR Shinecon many times better than gear vr

I just received the $16 (ebay) VR Shinecon headset that had ipd adjustment that goes up to 75mm. This gave me the BEST vr experience I have had till now. I can see the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge screen in its full glory. Why can't Samsung add a softer cu...

Deploy HTML5 Files locally

Hi there, I'm new to the Gear VR and have a question regarding html5. Is there a way to deploy html5 files and run them in a browser locally without an internet connection? This would consist of an html5 player that plays 360 video. The video files a...

AnimAlu by Level 2
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360 photo go black

Hi, when I whatch my own 360 photos, after few the system go black. I can still see the title but not the pictures. The size of my pictures is 9400X4200, 4 mb. If I go back and choose the online pictures from occulus, it is ok.Before the last update,...

Cleaning VR lens

Is it safe to rub 70% Isopropyl Alcohol on my Gear VR lenses? No matter how much I spit and polish with a micro fibre on the lens and the phone screen, there's what seems to be a small permanent smudge at the top of each lens, more noticeable on the ...

Merlin5 by Level 3
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Oculus System Activities

Oculus System Activities will not update. I press update and it downloads but it keeps prompting me to update.Just got a Gear VR and installed the app. App installed several other apps including "Oculus Home". Tried to access store on the Oculus app ...

Jinbu by Level 2
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Movies option no longer available

I bought my Gear VR within the last month. When I first started using it and watching videos, there was an option to rent movies. It was there, then it was disabled, now it is gone. Why? Did I do something that made it disappear? I have also watched ...

smb58 by Level 2
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