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Marshmallow Update?

I received a prompt a couple of days ago that my US Cellular Note 5 SM-N920R4 running 5.1.1 was ready for the 6.0 Marshmallow update. I'm concerned about what it will do to the VR. Still haven't updated Note 4 because of Lollipop fiasco. Any experien...

Gear VR with PS4/PS3 controller

I've connected a PS4 controller via Bluetooth to my phone, but when I load up a game on the Gear VR, it says no Gamepad connected. Is there anything special I need to do to "connect" the controller to the VR? Any and all help and recommendations are ...

Back Button Closing Our App

The problem we're having is that any press on the Gear VR's back button within our app is resulting in the app closing and then opening the Gear VR Store, this might be a result of not going through the Oculus Store/Library, I don't really know how w...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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oculus fogging

not happy with the gear vr. Got it a week or 2 ago with my s7 edge and it fogs a lot. Need to remove after 1 minute wipe and use again and continue like this for the first 15 minutes or so. Have a DK2 and don't get this problem.

Network Error after upgrading to 6.0.1 S6 Edge Plus

(Sorry I just posted this in an old thread. Decided to make my own thread)I have an S6 Edge Plus dual sim (9287C)Bought my phone unlocked straight from Samsung store here in the Philippines.Bought my Gear VR from the same store.Everything is working ...

mclinao by Level 2
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Gear VR Tutorial Query - Textureloader Image Formatting

Hi all,I've been working through the Gear VR Unity tutorial here: and have hit an issue when I try to use my own 360 images.As covered in exercise 4 y...

ReikoLJ by Level 2
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YouVisit - crash

Hi,I'm using the S7 and Gear, and at first YouVisit worked just fine.Now when i start YouVisit, things get weird and crashes.Only 1 quarter of the screen is oke, the other 3 parts are stretched, alsoall controls fail after that and returning to the S...

Gallery/collage for 360 video in game scene. Gear VR

Hi allI'm pretty sure I'm not the only one wanting to do this. So if I have missed a previous topic or a link to a tutorial on this feel free to share.This is what I am trying to do:In game I want my player to walk into a room and then see six tiles ...

TheAct by Level 3
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Note 4 Question

Hi,I was wondering if someone could give me some feedback on the state of compatibility of the majority of Oculus/Samsung VR apps on the Note 4. I already had a Note 4 and just bought the S7 Edge with the consumer version. I am thinking of selling th...

Replacement cushion

Hi,i'm looking for a web shop where i can buy replacenet cushions for the gear vr (consumer edition). any suggestions?Thanks!

CS360 by Level 2
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Infrared reflective paint positional tracking

The vive system introduces two input devices which correctly is displayed in the VR view.The gearvr unit could be made IR reflective to have it positionally tracked by a webcam or two. ... -or-fabricWhats the st...

zproxy by Level 5
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Oculus Cinema - Noise floor problem

Is anyone else experiencing a loud noise floor in the Oculus Cinema app? It sounds like I'm listening in a Gym with a loud air conditioning when nothing is playing. I'm an audio pro and I've tried several different headphones and it's defiantly not t...

Destructibles/Particles (UnrealEngine) and GearVR

Hey everyoneWhen I use Mobile Preview, destructibles work great. When I build to GearVR, they freeze in place. Im just wondering if anyone has had no issue with destructibles on GearVR or if its a known issue.Also, Particles dont even seem to show up...

Oculus Video update introduces a number of breaking bugs

Bugs I have found so far :1) The new 3D audio feature does not track with the video if you use travel mode. The video will move to where you're gazing but the audio will not follow it. Very annoying if I want to start lying on my side or change posit...

laykun by Level 2
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What I really want in a music visualizer..

Hi all,I was just reading about yet another new music visualizer coming out for the Gear in the 3rd quarter and it led me to state what I really want in a visualizer is the ability to STREAM my music. I have no music on my phone at all, I stream all ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Flying with Gear

Note to new users.The "Void" theater is great. The on-screen controls let you lock the screen in place. It looks like it doesn't work but hang on... if you turn your head very slowly, you'll notice that the screen starts to move to center itself. (Pl...

Note 4 Question

Hi,I was wondering if someone could give me some feedback on the state of compatibility of the majority of Oculus/Samsung VR apps on the Note 4. I already had a Note 4 and just bought the S7 Edge with the consumer version. I am thinking of selling th...

Dead Secret

So I downloaded this yesterday and I have to say it is a very well done mystery/thriller/horror game. Very immersive and it gives me genuine chills....very good atnosphere. However, I have run into a couple of bugs that could be on the verge of makin...

Azrael30 by Level 3
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GyroDroid TurnTable with Gear VR

Trying to mix and match gyroscope scripts with OVR - to create things such as turntables.. Has anyone been able to get Unity plugin GyroDroid to work with Gear VR - or to even mix and match Input.gyro with Gear?

oina by Level 2
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Suggestion for developers

I really love my new gear.Not sure if this is the place to post this, sorry if it's not. Feel free to move to a better place.1. When on the settings menu (after holding the back button), if I press the back button, it should return to the app I was u...

Gear Tour stuck in a loop

I just got my new Gear VR with my new Galaxy S7.After the install, it takes you through a tour of the controls. At the end of it, after it shows how to hold the back button to go to settings, it often restarts the entire tour. Every time I start usin...

Thats it! can't take the non adjustable IPD anymore!

Firing up the CAD and 3D printer..... it may not be pretty but i am going to make the damn IPD adjustable! I am not great at CAD stuff but I will make it work. Cross your fingers. I will post results and pictures as I modify it along with any stl fil...

helifrek by Level 3
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"PowerPoint" for Gear VR

Hi GuysI'm looking for a presentation tool that I can use with my Gear VR.Basically imagine 4 or more people around a boardroom table wearing Gear VR - I'd like to cue or trigger different 360 environments for all 4 people to experience at the same t...

Good News

I'm able to read files from SD card in Milk and Oculus video now. Perhaps they fixed behind the scenes?